Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Yet another list - googlehits from the past two weeks

I don't expect anyone else to be interested in these really, although I find them intriguing:

jean genet ugliness is beauty at rest
"tom waits"
wearing "nipple rings" public
vietnamese centipede bit my cat
"electric chair fantasy"
Kokko, kokoo kokoon koko kokko
Guadalupe Pope
i remember my past
"poem about a baby"
10th heaven
jyu ningen zu
ville valo is melancholic man
bad words tongue twisters
crayfish hilo
ville valo sometimes blushes
bad word tongue twister
"electric chair fantasy"

...and yes, sometimes disturbing. The el. ch. fantasy in particular - do NOT google it yourself. It currently only comes up with three hits, and out of those, at least one is pretty sicko. In this respect, I am not sure about the company I unwittingly keep/attract. Although they will probably piss off when they find it's only the introspective musings of a middle-aged woman.

PS My superman photo is now up to over 2000 views. What the f*ck is going on - mitä v*t*ua?


bobo said...

Hi Anna MR

I'm interested. Though I'm strangely drawn to "Kokko, kokoo kokoon koko kokko" ... is this baby talk, a very bad speller, or something in Finnish that doesn't translate well?

I get a different class of search string, things like "my ex is insecure about my superior status" and "day in the life of obsessive compulsive action figure". So it must be you.

But I wouldn't discount how sicko the introspective musings of a middle aged woman can potentially be. (I've had Margaret Thatcher as a leader, and the trauma continues).

Alternatively you could corner the market on "Electric Chair Fantasy" and turn it into something good.

"vietnamese centipede bit my cat"??

Anna MR said...

Hei bobo, thank you for being interested. I am always tickled pink by the strange reality of there being millions if not billions of people online, the "realness" of them, their reasons for googling peculiar things, the thought that they land here on my site (usually for all the wrong reasons).

And yes - it is me. I fess up. I write about V. Valo being a melancholy man and Vietnamese centipedes eating up people's cats all the time. Used to anyway: check this if you don't believe me.

Yees. Nipping onto a (middle-aged) lady's site & leaving first comment with implication that she could be compared to Lady Thatcher is quite a thing, sir. I used to live in Britain - 1988 - 1996, if memory serves - many of those were Thatch years, as you will recall. I had to leave the country for them to finally change from a Tory to a Labour government. I remember talking on the phone with my best UK friend when Teflon Tony won the first time, I rang her to congratulate. They were having such a party, it breaks your heart to think of how little of that exuberant joy is (/seems to be, haven't been back in the UK for a decade, but meet Brits on a regular basis) left now.

Would be nice to talk more but I need to elbow my way to the top of the electric chair fantasy market niche. Someone just gave me a hot tip, this might be the next "thing".

Welcome here and welcome back again, bobo


(Oh and PS - just for you, maybe I'll open a tag list. I have been meaning to create a tag cloud but for reasons too boring to be recounted here, that is delayed. A list will suffice. Mind you, I haven't used "centipede" as one of my tags.)

Matti said...

anna, i believe i speak for the entire native population of the internet when i say: those lists are always fun. it's a perfect keyhole view into the high weirdness that is the internet - and by extension, mankind.

Anna MR said...

Ah, so I am not a complete weirdo after all. (Well I am. But not for this reason.)