Saturday, March 24, 2007

It came to me in a dream

I woke up this morning with a phrase on the brain: valtameriä kuolleille tilaajille, which roughly translates as "oceans for dead subscribers", although the Finnish original is smoother. I sort of like it - can't remember what it referred to (or indeed if it did, as dreams are not necessarily that logical, my dreams anyway) but my still-sleepy mind felt it was in relation to my writing. I write oceans for dead subscribers.

(Incidentally, I have now received my official translator's certificate, so whenever you need stuff translating from Finnish to English, don't hesitate to be in touch.)


Matti said...

sounds like a song by paavoharju, or maybe a cmx b-side.

both of which i mean in a really good way :)

Anna MR said...

Ooh, thank you matti. I had never heard (of) paavoharju, they sound interesting (I know, *I* sound about ninety). Incidentally, have you worked out what the hell is going on with my superman photo - it is now up to like 2139 views or something?

Matti said...

most likely someone's posted your photo on a forum or blog, anna, letting flickr serve the photo; it's getting views with someone's page loads. about 2000 means that it's semi-popular but not one of the big ones, so you have about a one in a million chance of anyone finding out, unless someone finds you on flickr and contacts you.

gotta love the internet.

and i have a strong hunch you would enjoy paavoharju, by the way.