Friday, March 16, 2007

Oho (is an expression of surprise in my native tongue)

Went dicking about on my flickr account, which I have been neglecting for just about all of winter. Many of my friends have done a blogpost on their "most viewed" flickr images, and something led me to take a peep at my popularity. I was to receive a right old shock, for this image of a street artist
had been viewed 1882 times! (just as well I gave the guy 2 euros)

Now something is badly wrong here. Nobody views me that much - my pictures just aren't that good or interesting. Has someone who gets viewed so much more gone and nabbed my image?

Amongst the top ten were also these piccies which I thought might brighten up this site/your day/whatever:

A portrait of the blogger on one of Helsinki's famous silver balls (3rd with 154 views)
silver ball 2

Some really weird stuff seen in a department shop window very late one night/early one morning (6th with 94 views)

An esteemed friend wearing somebody else's stage beard as a moustache at the post-production pub session (8th with 83 views, sorry about this keltanen)
(there are) more than one ways to wear a roadkill

One of my images from the candle vigil for Anna Politkovskaya (9th at 75 views)
Anna Politkovskaja candle vigil 1

Flickr runs other lists too, including one sorted by "interestingness". If anybody knows what exactly they mean by this and how they judge it, do let me know. It's very strange.


Matti said...

ok. 1882 is massive - your photo has most likely been used by someone at a very popular site, like a photoshop contest. that's an impressive count.

the helsinki shiny metal balls group - - has been a staple at flickr's Explore page for a long-ass time. which what the?

and it just makes my heart swell to see that photo go places, anna, it's my favourite picture of me ever. (enough about me, let's talk about me for a change..)

Anna MR said...

?!? How dare they. They might've mentioned it to me, no, so I could have been rooting for me. Bastards. Can I sue them? Could I, if we were living in a very litigation-oriented society? How can I find out what, where, why, who, and the other things that trouble my mind?

Help me, matti-wan kenobi. You are my only hope.

Anna MR said...

PS I am rather fond of that pic of you too