Thursday, March 08, 2007

Warning: STRANGE

I have been procrastinating for an hour or so, going through my old old posts and adding labels to them, with a view to getting a lovely tag cloud with all my wonderful writing readily accessible at the click of a mouse. In practice, and probably because I don't know a smoother way of doing it, I have been republishing them one by one.

Somehow this must have caused me to have 70 odd hits tonight, according to my tracker, and this is where the "strange" steps in - most of them from China. *China*. Ni hao, Beijing. Your points for the Finnish blogtestant?


nmj said...

You too, Anna Mr - I've been getting almost daily hits from China for a while, with no referring link, so someone over there has bookmarked me. This makes me strangely happy. I like the idea of a tag cloud, but am always scared these new baubles unleash errors elsewhere. . . RE. the swear word & Pony Boy, yes, a little knowledge is dangerous, but I figured it was better he knew than he didn't know, and if he misbehaves, you can always ban him temporarily, he banned me from his blog when I displeased him once. All done in good spirits though, & for my own good, apparently, because I had been rude about cricket (being boring)...


NMJ - you're barred.

Anna Mr - hello. I'm just taking a brief Time Out from my own blog, and thought I'd pay you a visit. I've had a few of those hits from China, too. I'm not really sure what it all means, but am prepared to believe the worst.

I'm not sure what the worst might be, I just know that I am definitely prepared to believe it. Always. It just suits my temperament, okay?

Are you asleep in your little igloo now? Try to stay warm. (although sane is also good)

NMJ - you're barred.

Did I say that already?

I'm sure there was a post round here in which we were talking about stats. I want to find that post again - where is it?

I found the swear word, by the way. Nice. You are a disgrace to the blogosphere. (don't listen to NMJ - it was fine detective work that led me there, nothing to do with her)

Right - if I don't see you later, I'll be back before the weekend is out. Feel the chill, Slinky Helsinki.


Anna MR said...

Top of the huomenta, herra Periodic. At the time of your last comment, I was probably just tucking myself into the old igloo, ramshackle though it is, with my bit of contemporary Japanese fiction to keep me company.

Funny thing is, I too felt there was definitely something *dodgy* about getting all those hits from China. Like, they've run out of people to oppress there, and are now looking for potential candidates elsewhere. Or, these are all political dissidents hoping to find sanctuary somewhere, and having taken one look at my poor blog, have decided I am part of the problem, not the solution. Or...

The stat comments, I believe, are in the google hit list post. Hoping you find them, kunnioitettu ystävä.

Anna MR said...

Nmj my pet, I think everyone in the world will bookmark you soon as they find your page. Looking at your hit counter, you are rather close to it already.

I am thinking we need to give you Finnish lessons, so you can follow The Mad Ponipoika's superbly hilarious commentary in my native tongue. It has been the longest time since anyone asked me whether it was true that in Finnish tradition, Father Christmas was a child-eating wild boar. No, come to think of it, I had never been asked that before this friend you introduced me to did. See where you've got me, nmj my dear?


Oh God. I wish I hadn't seen this - I am in a furious hurry to get out to the shops (my girlfriend is waiting impatiently). But I really need to know if Ponipoika is actually, you know, a thing. I just LOVE it.

Like I say, back later.


(please tell me that poika doesn't mean anything disgraceful - it suddenly looks like it might)


Twiddling thumbs in a fury.

Anna MR said...

My best Ponipoika - of course it's a thing. I thought you would've cracked that on your better-than-mine online dictionary translating machine. Poika is a *boy*, dear heart. Of course it is. What else would it be?

Sorry I've kept you waiting but the day was glorious, I had to go and get some sunshine, after all it has been seven months or so since I last had any. And then I had to mutate into Solange the Mad Maid. But I am back now.