Sunday, March 11, 2007


what started out as rain has turned into a very solid form of Slush Puppy. Kevät keikkuen tulevi, spring comes a-rocking, as they so aptly say in these parts. I am so very glad I went into the shoe shop today, lured by the promise of 70% discount on winter shoes, and bought myself a pair of fully waterproof goretex wonders, although they are not my thing at all and I have already bought the pig-ugly pair this week. I worked a veritable miracle on my ruined boots as well today, using the various ointments I bought, and topping it off with a scary spray that describes itsef as "Nano-Powered High Performance Waterproof Wet Blocker". Not just any waterproof wet blocker, you will note, but nano-powered. I am experiencing nanotechnology, or shall be, when it (the weather) dries up again and I dare to wear my lovely boots.

My cousin came over to dinner tonight. She recently finished her thesis (incidentally, on the very worthy topic of "The Uses of Grotesque in Tom Waits' Lyrics", she is lovely and I am proud of her), but instead of being all elated, she of course confessed to the well-known phenomenon of having gone all post-thesically depressed. - Slave ceaselessly forever over what you want to achieve; achieve it, and lose all sense of meaning or direction. There is something about the human condition there, something central.

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