Saturday, March 17, 2007

It's all my fault -

I did say the season had turned without knocking on wood. See these two pictures?
This one from last night
balcony sunset 2

this one from this morning
balcony view with spring snow 1

both from my balcony.

Yeees. Those odd little balls are snow. Spring has gone and fucked off, or painunut v*t*uun, as we say around here (although, in our defence, possibly not usually in this context). At least it's silenced the bloody birds (well not really even that, there was at least one die-hard shouting ti-tyy with all his might when I walked to the shops).

I haven't posted this thing just to bemoan the return, with vengeance, of the cold white stuff. No. I am humbly requesting you all take a look at my sadly-neglected, oft-ignored photoblog, because if you don't, nobody will, and think how sad it's feeling, stuck there in the ether of the world wide web, all on its lonesome.

Just for the record - you can always blame his highness the Political Umpire for reminding me about my photoblog. I would, naturally, never stoop so low as to gratuitously advertise my own crap site, would I?


nmj said...

Our weather is horrible too, I think Pony Boy may have caused it with all his coming and going to Finland.

My sweet peas will surely die.

Anna MR said...

Ah, nmj, I had just finished wondering where in god's name you'd got to, hadn't seen you for ages. Hours, in fact. Yes, let's blame Pony Boy for it - who else could have caused such a rupture in the climate conditions of the northern hemisphere?

It warms my heart to know you have sweet peas again, this spring like last. Sending them warm thoughts to keep them from freezing. And to you too, tietenkin.

nmj said...

And I remember your gardening stories from Hawaii, can a year really have passed since we started our blogs?.....I am trying to learn from my mistakes, last year's sweetpeas were planted from seeds and developed a lovely disease just before blooming...this year, I got seedlings, planted them last weekend, but I can't see how they'll cope with this turn in weather . . . and the grass is COVERED in moss. But it's still a garden, a sanctuary. I wish I could invite all my favourite bloggers to a garden party, wouldn't that be sweet!

tietenkin, i like that, what does it mean, can i use it to address pony boy, or maybe too endearing for him?

Anna MR said...

Ah, dear heart, it only means "of course". It wouldn't make much of an address, but you can slip it into conversation in other ways, I'm sure.

Garden party sounds cool, just let me know when...

charnel doze said...

I am also guilty of publically rejoicing in the arrival of spring. Are we not to expect takatalvi, though? And think, if it gets itself over with now... there'll be time for a second one at the usual time in April :(

Anna MR said...

Mm, it sort of catches me out every year, charnel (except last year, for obvious reasons). I *know* it's not going to be over in March, yet fall for the "but surely, all the snow's gone now, it must be it for this year" ho hum

kurt said...

That's a nice sunset, Anna. It reminds of a psychedelic Rick Griffin "flying eyeball" poster.

Anna MR said...

Hei Kurt, thanks, I do get some pretty spectacular sunsets - 10th floor with nothing blocking the view. I'll have to google Rick Griffin, I'm not aware of his work...I thought there was some feeling of "UFO landing" in this sunset, myself.