Friday, March 16, 2007

I am a Riesling

We are currently in the throes of parliamentary elections. Actual election day is Sunday, but it's possible to vote in advance. I have already voted, utilising the assistance of a few of the online election machines (vaalikone). Yes, really. Various instances - tv stations, political parties, YLE (the national broadcasting corporation, Finland's answer to the Beeb), and probably others - run online questionnaires which, once completed, will tell you whom to vote for. It sounds pretty dreadful I know, and can sometimes give startling results. I was pretty happy with my suggested candidates (no dreadful right-wing fascists, always a bonus).

In the wake of the vaalikone activity, all manner of other organisations are doing similar questionnaires at the moment. I answered thirteen questions (sorry, Finnish speakers only) on wine, to find out which one I am. Pretty happy with this result, too, as it could have been worse - boxed wine was also an option.

PS Not that it matters one iota but of course the questionnaire wasn't *about* wine, I am just talking nonsense. It was all lifestyle stuff, from which the wine whom you are in another dimension where people are wines can be deducted. Will I ever get it right.


nmj said...

I would like to be an unoaked chardonnay, not sure why . . . anna mr you are being so prolific with your blogging while i've ben deworming!

Anna MR said...

Yes, I hadn't really thought what I'd want to be - a magnum bottle of Veuve Cliquot, maybe? - but they'd designate you as one of these, based on your replies:
Chardonnay, Eur
Chardonnay, New World
Sauvignon blanc, Eur
Sauvignon blanc, NW
Cabernet sauvignon, Eur
Cabernet sauvignon, NW
Pinot noir, Eur
Pinot noir, NW
Syrah, Eur
Shiraz, NW
Boxed wine
so take your pick hun

charnel doze said...

I was a Riesling too!

Matti said...

i was billed a new world pinot. pinot!? screw that! GEWÜRZTRAMINER OR BUST! humbug.

Anna MR said...

Riesling - herkkä ja hienostunut (sensitive and refined). Yes, I hear you all yelp, yes, that's Anna MR and Charnel Doze, to a T.

Matti - my condolences.

Anna MR said...
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Anna MR said...

Right - try again. Matti & Charnel & whoever else with enough Finnish - you may also enjoy the ("the celeb machine"). I came out Tanja Poutiainen, kuivakka and only barely julkkis. Kuivakka! Yes, humbug.