Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Confessions time: I love lists

spodding superwoman
sealed labia
strange hobby
"collins complete
spodding superwoman
"when I was young and easy"
photos of ville valo dressed as a woman
meet to masturbate hilo
AnnaMR Future of my past
letting go of my past poems
centipedes too cool waimea
living statue dancer
ville valo dress sense
living statue dancer
strange hobby
peed "couldn't hold it"
the future from the past blog spot
boiled alive
"The Piano Teacher" labia

Yup, I'm sure you guessed it - it's my twenty latest googlesearch hits. I am a spodding superwoman (probably ruined someone's googlewhack find with that now).



Evening Anna Mr, good to see you again. I had been planning to go back to the melancholia/ beautiful pain thing, but will just wait. Sometimes even to merely consider these things can become a bit much. Does that make sense? Anyway, if it's okay by you, I'd certainly like to come back to it some time soon. I may force NMJ to come along, too. I'll let you know when I've gone back downstairs, like you asked me to, because you don't have an alert system set up. Why on earth not? Disgraceful.

Plus, I have been in such a good mood for the last day or so that I don't really want to consider despair and pain. Anyway, how on earth do you know what people have typed in as searches?

I've seen a few people mention this, and I want to know what people have searched for to reach my dead blog space. How exciting. How dirty. Are we all spies now? I do hope so, because spying on people is terrific fun.

I've got something called, I think, StatCounter - I know, I know, the advertising people must have been up through the night coming up with such a stunningly inventive name - so can I spy on people's searches with this, I wonder? I love looking at the stat things, but suspect I am not getting the most out of them.

What or Who on earth is Spodding Superwoman? And Photos of Ville Valo Dressed As A Woman may take some explaining. And where, come to think of it, was the rude Finnish word you mentioned to NMJ in your comments a few days ago? You said to her that you had slipped one into your post. I still can't find it and feel sad about this.

Hope you're not too cold in your igloo, poor frozen Anna Mr.

Kind regards etc....

nmj said...

Hey Anna MR, I have never understood googlewhack, I think I looked it up once, but can't remember the definition . . .and what is it with this piano teacher and labia - I really must read it...

PE, I have statcounter, it is brilliant, you see everything - you must learn to use it properly! The word Anna slipped in begins with 'v', and she had asterisked it, it is a very bad word (think of our 'c'), I will leave her to further explain in case you are still in the dark & can't work it our from your Finnish translation sources...

Anna MR said...

Dear Mr Periodic, scroll downwards and keep your beady eye on my left margin. Eventually, you will come across an unassuming-looking blue blob, classily titled "My new tracker, dammit". Clicking on the said blob should send you whizzing away to my dead-flash eXTReme Tracker counter, which allows me to keep tabs on all manner of exciting, dirty details of my fellow internet users.

We will discuss melancholia, beauty, and matters thereof, when we start feeling like that again. It'll be, um, gloomy. But in the nicest poss way.

Best regards,

SS - Spodding Superwoman

(PS I couldn't possibly, possibly teach you The Rude Finnish Word, I am under strict instructions from the good nmj not to breathe a word about it to you. It is there, though, but censored, censored. I will not have googlers land on my site because I swear on it in Finnish, no way, one has to draw the line somewhere.)

(PPS My igloo is melting - it *rained* tonight. And just when I was out in my brand-spanking-new between-seasons jacket, faux-hippie suede in the colour of my eyes.)

Anna MR said...

Whoah, nmj my dear, it's lovely that you're here too, I had just finished writing a comment to your comment when my internet connection went tits-up and died, taking my beautifully worded lines with it.
I can't repeat what I said in it verbatim, but I mainly told you off for being way less faithful than me to the promise you extracted from me (of not teaching TRFW to Mr Periodic).

And that I now have statcounter envy. Maybe my counter is not all that flash after all.

I should not be here at this time of the night, I should be in bed aspleep I should. Six o'c starts do not rule ok.

Siispä hyvää yötä, rakkaat blogiystäväni.

Anonymous said...

hi. you might want to visit to share & archive your lists...seems like you might like it!

Anna MR said...

Hey anon., I had a quick peep at it, and although the other people there seemed depressingly younger than me, I am tempted, very tempted to open my lists there too. We shall see. Thanks for the hint & welcome to my blog!