Monday, March 05, 2007

Down she came with a thumpety-thump

After my post-spiritual-experience heightened state over the weekend, I am back to the planet:

Our -20 C conditions rapidly mutated into +1 C which resulted in me ruining my lovely boots which cost a bomb (bought in September with birthday money), so had to spend 59 euros on a crap-ugly all-weather pair (incl. assortment of gunks in pots to attempt a rescue on the lovely pair)
Fledgling sniffly head cold which has failed to break for a week, and which I thought gone, was back with niggling vengeance today, leaving me cranky and under the weather but not sufficiently to warrant someone with a Lutheran work ethic (me) to stay in bed and sleep it off
Came home tired, with over-full calendar duties to be fulfilled, to find the LIFT OUT OF ORDER (10th floor is my abode, as you may recall). "WE APOLOGISE FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE, AND WILL DO OUR BEST TO ENSURE REPAIR OF LIFT IN NEAR FUTURE" aargh, v---u

Still, it is maaliskuu, pearl moon is over, lovely as it was, and now we are only a fortnight off from the equinox. There is more and more light, and before you know it, we will be the envy of the sane world with our endless hours of sun.

A note: the painfully beautiful brevity of the Finnish summer (when it's at its best, it's about to end - think on that as a motto for our lives in general), combined with the atrocities of the between-seasons months, reflects in the national character - well, mine anyway - some Finns may actually consider themselves jolly Scandinavians. I am no such thing, I am all Sami-Slavic. Beauty is melancholia, melancholia is beauty.


nmj said...

i am so pissed off on your behalf that the lift's out of order! please look after yourself, honey, these colds that don't quite break through the first time are the really evil ones that end up sledgehammering you...& what the hell happened to your lovely boots? i need to know so that i can feel the pain vicariously x

Anna MR said...

I waded ankle-deep in slush combined with the salt they use to unslipperify the roads. The boots have a *violent* white tidemark right the way round, it looks awful...will spend the rest of my evening rubbing various types of goo and unguent (sp?) on them.

PS Did you spot my rude Finnish swear word in that post? Dropped it in specially for you hun.

nmj said...

no, i didn't see it until now, you naughty thing! i hate those salt tide marks . . . hope you get it off...