Monday, January 07, 2013

Something tiny but lovely to compensate for the somewhat morbid mood I started the year off with – or what could be experienced as morbid, at any rate


Reading the Signs said...

Fabulous. I want to be there. Are you the lady in red?

(you have nothing for which to compensate!)

Anna MR said...

I wouldn't mind being there again myself, Schwesterleinchen. Mayhap we should just up and go, the pair of us? I think we'd fit in just right.

Whether I'm the lady in red depends on how you describe colour. But there's a person just left-of-centre (how very apt) in an ochre coat, clearly taking a photo: yours truly. I should dig out the photo I was taking, as a companion piece to this one.

But come now, come now, surely a person of my no-longer-diminutive-years has something to compensate for? I'll feel like I've done something wrong, failed at something, if I can't feel guilt and compensatory need-drives.

Blab blab. It's lovely to see you, as always, my dear.


Reading the Signs said...

Your robot police are being bastards to me. And all I said was that ochre looked like red the last time I was here. Well I also said that the Signs motto was 'never apologise, never explain' (yeah right) - but that is no reason to disappear my comment, is it?