Friday, January 11, 2013

Companion photo to previous post

Florence was all ochre and golden, far less grand than I expected and way, way more lovable. Beautiful, of course, stunning, but not in a distant way. That's what I mean by "far less grand"– the beauty was close, embraceable. Like the city not only allowed me in but truly welcomed me. I loved it. It was easy to love.


Reading the Signs said...

Too beautiful. But I don't get how I can see the previous photo being taken. There is a woman in orange who does not look like ochre-woman, and someone holding a white square with a hole in the middle. There is something spookily reminiscent of the Schindler's List sequence (little girl in red, all else black and white).

Anna MR said...

The orange woman in this photo is, naturally enough, not me. I am behind the camera for this one. The white square with the hole in the middle is today's version of a camera: the mighty iPad. So that is where the other picture is being taken, right enough. Well spotted.

I have only recently watched Schindler's List – it was on telly – and remember the sequence you mention very well. I cannot quite see it in this photo, though – to me, it is dominated by the cathedral-colour.

I apologise for the behaviour of my robot police. They insist on id from me as well, today, but I intend to stick it to them. I recommend you do the same.