Monday, November 19, 2012

The Edge


Reading the Signs said...

Most beautifully spoken - and the piece itself interesting. It speaks to me of death. That was my sense of it, as I reached the end.

Anna MR said...

Thank you – I am annoyed at the odd stumble here and there in the speaking. Unforgivable.

But yes – I really rather like the piece. I hadn't thought of death, but I can see it is there, as a possibility of interpretation, now that you pointed it out. Apart from death, I think it carries meanings of her personal breakdown point, looming, frighteningly, in the past, never really leaving again, always there somewhere not very far, since it once happened. The past and the future loom themselves into the present, where she does what she can not to look at them anymore. To continue. To work. To make what she knows how to make. To live.

This being one of the reasons that I likes it – that it can speak of different things. A sign of a good prose poetry piece, methinks.