Saturday, November 24, 2012

I was there


Reading the Signs said...

O gawd, this is the Dude of Dudes - he just keeps on getting better! In this we are related, Schwes, because I too was there upon a time, in Jerusalem, too many decades ago to decently name.

WVLs are saying tightoo. Oh yeah!

Anna MR said...

He absolutely is The Dude of Dudes. Well said and spotted, Schweschen. I am so unutterably happy that I got to see him – he played Finland a few years ago and I didn't get round to getting tickets and blah; thought "well that's it, missed me chance". And then he came back! For me birthday and all.

He is beginning to look a little frail, but his charisma and stage presence are strong. It would be so interesting to be able to exchange experiences like one does stories, you know – you could let me taste your Jerusalem experience from decades ago, and I could offer you a bite of my Helsinki experience of this autumn. Then we could say wine-tastery things about how his voice and presence have fared over the years.