Thursday, September 27, 2012

Try, cry, why, try

Darkness is upon us again, suddenly. This is where the year turns, I find; where, without warning, you live in a world which never knew those days of endless light, a world which has always included this ever-lengthening darkness, and the rain beating down, and the sound of tyres on wet tarmac.

I refuse to go. I refuse to be pulled into the vortex. I do my hair; I wear make-up, I put on jewellery, every day. Depressed one may be, but one has no right not to hold on to whatever one can. I write, here. One holds on. And look: the sun was, and there was colour.


Reading the Signs said...

Here too the sun was x

Reading the Signs said...

There is always that moment, isn't there - where the year turns, one one can feel it.

Gael said...

I find the sound of rain beating down and tyres on tarmac is actually very soothing when it's datk

Hold tight x

Anna MR said...

I'm glad you've had the sun, my sweet Signs. That sun in the picture was a more southerly sun than ours, and a July sun at that – but I find it's the next best thing, looking at the sun right in the eye, in a picture, you know.

Gael – yes, I know what you mean. The darkness and its effect on the sounds of autumn can have that soothingness, that "wrap oneself up in oneself and one's home and slow down all processes" sort of feel. But then at other times, well, sometimes it would be just nicer to be away from one's own life and inventing another one.