Saturday, September 29, 2012

Always on my mind

Did you like that picture I posted for you last time? That's from My Travels, you know – something I make a big issue of, when in fact they are not quite as grand as all that. A week spent somewhere or another doesn't really amount to a full throw-and-immerse-yourself-in-another-culture. But, you know, I've had fun and that does count for something, what?

It also counts for something that I've begun to enjoy travel again. Apart from a very lovely visit to Britain some three years ago, I haven't done any traveling for pleasure only for aaaaaaaaaages. Possibly never, really, in my adult life. My approach to travel has been packing up and pulling up my roots and moving somewhere to live, you know, like forever type stuff, not just for a while to see what it's like and enjoy. And that's actually a bit traumatic. I am an ungrateful so-and-so, surely, to complain thuslike after all the opportunities to live in exotic locations that I've been given.

Anyway, since it worked nicely for me last time I posted a summer photo from My Travels, I think I'll do so again.  Although I do wish blogger didn't to that thing with photos that they've started to, you know – I would like you to be able to click on the photo and get to view it original size. The colours on the wall of that picture I posted last were amazing, like watercolours blending into each other, or the sweetie wrapper in a puddle, gone a nameless and wonderful hue. Although they aren't quite captured in the picture in their full glory, I'd like you to see them better.

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