Saturday, September 15, 2012

there was a time when you let me know

In the days of yore, I used to take a lot of pictures. I don't, anymore; I discovered that for me, a large part of the photography thing was about showing the results. When there's nobody to show it to, my interest fades.

However, I do still take the odd photo. I even sometimes feel a slight taste of the previous enthusiasm. Sometimes I find the thing I snapped so beautiful that I really want to share, crave to. It's not about the beauty of my photo – I am a total amateur and make no claim to photographic skills; just that sometimes, something beautiful is captured, and there's no point in having captured it, unless you share.

So here are a few shots of something beautiful. The impact would surely be greater if I just posted the one, but I can never decide (these weren't the only ones I took, either, so count yourselves lucky).


Reading the Signs said...

This supernaturally lit-up space is mysterious to me and I can say nothing very coherent other than I have been here several times to look at it and each time it draws me. I also, as it happens, (even though I don't quite get visual art in the way I get words) love your photographs. Just saying. x

p.s. can you have a word with your word ver leprechauns. I mean ccasadb is ok, but I cannot read the damn number! ok, I'm a robot - so arrest me!

Now it's foreiryn. Ha - is that me or you?

Anna MR said...

My dear, dear Signs – hurrah. You like the pictures too. You are a total sport and a hero, and just to say thank you and maybe, you know, just on the off-chance, to bring more viewy pleasure, I shall shortly be posting another shot (or few, ah woe) that I have found as having that certain summat about them.

Foreiryn clearly indicates me. I am the forrin geerl around these parts, my dear, whereas you are the real McCoy. (And please don't be offended about being treated as a robot and all that – I am currently being asked to prove myself, too. And, you know, I mean, I live here.)

Soon, Signskins. I shall go digging for those other shorts that delighted me with their something-or-otheriness.


Gael said...

Hei, Anna

Lovely luminescent photos. I noticed you were contemplating more regular posting over at Signs' place: if words fail you then pictures would be lovely. You certainly have an audience here: I enjoyed your picaday blog, and especially the jetty pics from days gone by on Flickr


Anna MR said...

Oh swoooooooooooooon, Gael – thank you. I am a total sucker for a bit of praise – keep this under your hat, obviously, but I am.

(Lovely to see you, by the way; hope all things have been well, as well as life allows, at any rate. I don't think I have any new jetty photos to give you, but there are others, taken both locally in Finland and during my Extensive Travels in Europe [sound effects to indicate and heighten their implied extensiveness]. I may well be posting some of those, perhaps especially for you, since you so kindly have enjoyed…)