Thursday, January 08, 2009

You may need to congratulate me, for I may be in love

Right so. I don't really necessarily always go for cities in a big way, and I've never had very much to say when people do the "what is your favourite city in Europe/the world" thing. The fact I'm really rather poorly travelled may have something to do with it - all the Parises, Romes, Madrids, Lisbons, cetra remain in a state blissfully unvisited-by-me - but I may start to offer Edinburgh as my answer to these hypothetical conversation-questions. Apart from the general stunningness of the look of the city, and the very good feeling I get from it, there's just this extraordinary quality of light in this city which quite wipes my mind clean. This is considered a good thing.

I'm just saying.

(My host is most lovely, funny, warm and welcoming, too.)


trousers said...


I must admit, my stay in Edinburgh last August brought about strong feelings for the place from me too. I hope to visit again before long. In the meantime, enjoy your stay, and pass my regards on to your host.

Anna MR said...

Why thank you, housut of troosers (sorry - just need to practice my Scottish here. Please, when reading, hear me do the r's and the wee lilt and everything, k? K). Yes, I've a feeling I've finally found my match, and that Edinburgh and I will be very happy together. Well, at least I am happy with Edinburgh - the vote isn't in yet on the feelings of the other party, so I may have my tender hopes crushed to smithereens.

In the meantime, though, I am enjoying my stay to a stupid degree, yes thank you, and your regards have been passed on to Ms Host. There is a rumour circulating Edinburgh that you have climbed up Arthur's Seat upon your stay in August. It goes without saying I will be attempting it tomorrow.

Reading the Signs said...

I don't want to spoil wants sounds like the beginning of a wonderful relationship (the light is one of the lovely things there I remember), but the news from here is that Cat of Signs has pissed on the sofabed cover. I have been to the launderette and cleaned it, but she is in the doghouse.

trousers said...

As it happened, ms mrrrrr (note my attempt at Scottish rolling of rrrr's also), I didn't manage Arthur's seat during my last visit since I wasn't suitably attired. I had travelled light you see.

So you will be Roald Amundsen and I shall be Captain Scott. Well perhaps not quite so tragic/heroic. This is one of the many things which potentially draws me back to Edinburgh for a wee stay again sometime in the not too distant future.

word ver = quipho, which sounds like quick-fire humour to me.

Anna MR said...

Signs of Signs, that is terrible news. And here I was, thinking C of S and I had got on brilliantly. But wait - maybe she is expressing her displeasure in my falling in love with someone other than her, rather than demonstrating her dislike of yours truly? In this case, mwah to her too, you must let her out the doghouse and explain to her that I do care about her.

Mwahs to yourself, too, goes without saying.

housut of troosers - ha. I'll beat you to it, for I'm going within half an hour. Not that I'll exactly make it there in that time, you understand - but I shall, I shall. Whether I make it back remains to be seen.

In the meantime, I remain, yours sincerely,

Amundsen MR

Merkin said...

Hope you got as far as Glasgow?

Edinburgh is like London to us Scots.

Still, glad you got a taste of it no matter where it was.

Anna MR said...

Hello Merkin, nice to see you. No, sadly I only had three days in Scotland - not enough time really to go exploring very much. I have been in Scotland before, in 1990, but we spent our time then mostly camping. Only drove through Glasgow that time (and got royally lost - one of only three times in my entire life).

What I haven't seen gives me more reasons to return, so it may yet happen. I had a lovely, lovely time.