Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Inside Edge Village

Today, she took me right into The Edge. It's very lovely, as you can see.

Do please note the "Sea Organ" shop - no visit to The Edge would give a complete picture, she told me, without a visit to the Sea Organ shop. I have been inside it - well, both halves of it, really, both the lower half and the upper half, but that's for me to know (and, obviously, for her, for she knows the Sea Organ shop like the back of her hand, whereas I am a mere peeker-in only, really), and for you to wonder about.

She also said in a tone at once contemplative and matter-of-fact,

"If I go on living on The Edge...


...is where I'll land up."

Not a bad place to land up, all things considered, and please do note she was being completely contemplatively matter-of-fact, not at all morbid.

It's lovely around here, just saying - the light is mediaeval, it's been crisply-clear (and please do try to notice the fact I did, as specifically requested, bring snow with me, as all of the South of England can attest), and her night skies are dark with a multitude of stars - real, constellationary stars. And what's more, I like her an awful lot.


trousers said...

So we have you to blame/thank for this icy blast of unusually seasonal weather, do we? It all makes sense now. And it's all good as far as I'm concerned, I've posted different words to similar effect on sign's's latest.

One can only wonder precisely - or even vaguely - what a "Sea Organ" shop is, or consists of, or even tends towards or hints at being. Unless of course you tell us, and we (whoever we are) can then cease to wonder.

Reading the Signs said...

You have brought snow, you have brought magical horseshoes, champagne, bara brith, assorted cheeses, chocolate, salmiakki (liquid and solid) etc - and, of course, you have brought yourself.


And p.s. to anyone enlarging the pics - that is not me standing there on the pavement. Not that there's anything wrong with her, but I don't want you thinking it's me if it isn't.

Englishman? - it says stabl here. That's for you, obviously.

Anna MR said...

You do have me to blame for it all, housut, yes. That's very observant of you to note. I tend to be A Very Bad Influence on people around me - I do, it's true - and consequently while I'm around, all sorts of things can conveniently be loaded onto my general blame account. This is fine by me, of course, as it rather makes me feel interesting and dramatic. Hurrah.

Signs - we both know what the magical horseshoes said about you and your year to come. So don't even start, okay? Good.

Hugs to you both.


Reading the Signs said...

Icemaiden? The snow has melted! No doubt you brought it all with you to Scotland - please send some back here, for I feel like the Narnian witch whose lovely winter is dissolving (sorry, Aslan).

Reading the Signs said...

ok, just to keep you informed of the situation, it hasn't actually all melted.

Anna MR said...

Righto, I did try to leave some of it behind. Breathtakingly bright over here, Narnian Seeskins, but the snow is still catching up with me (I saw some on the mountains out of the aeroplane yesterday, so it'll most likely be here tomorrow).