Thursday, January 29, 2009

We interrupt the writing of that tag post due to news just in

It has been brought to my attention, only moments ago, that John Martyn's died today. I saw him live nearly twenty years ago, which I hadn't thought about for years, but for the strange fact that I've only just been talking about him on a comment thread a little way down this page.

I feel strangely responsible, you know. Sorry, John, I never meant it to end this way.


John said...

No worries, babe, we've all got to go some time. Rock on.

John said...

Easy for you to say, John, but then you're not the real John. Impostor!

Don't listen to that John, Anna MR, I'm the real John. And let me tell you - I'm absolutely gutted to be dead.


The Actual John

Anna MR said...

John the Former, aka Rock-On John, allegedly John the Impostor, hei. I'm relieved to hear that you're taking the news of your death in such a laid-back fashion. I hope it continues to be feel like the most natural thing to you. Keep on rocking.

Anna MR said...

John the Latter, aka The Gutted John, aka The Actual John, hei. I'm deeply saddened by the terrifying news you come bearing and horrified to hear that death, that undiscovered country from whose bourn only cajoling Glaswegian singers return, is not to your liking. Terrible, terrible business. Words cannot convey, but may you still have a hand to hold over there.

Rock-On John said...

Look, I know I'm a laid-back dude but it's a bit of a wind-up having that other John come and make out he's the real John when I am. I'm not saying that being dead is a total party, but then being alive isn't a total party either as I'm sure you'll agree. You just gotta do the best you can. I really dig the vid you put up of me but between you and me I reckon my 1973 version was the best and I was dead sexy. I'm sexy dead too so, like I said, no worries babe. (And I don't know who you think you're kidding, John because I got through first so obviously I'm it).

John said...

Calm down, John, you'll do yourself an injury (not that this would matter, of course, if you were really dead).

Maybe, however, we are both parts of the same John? Let's face it, death is uncharted waters for both of us (if you're actually dead, of course, but I'll cast aside my doubts for the time being) and so we may take a while to settle into ourself? I could be the part of me that didn't want to die, and you could be the part of me that took it in his stride. This feels like the only sensible explanation, John, for what has been a couple of difficult days for the one of us.

Anna MR, a solution may have been found. It's up to John(s) now.


The Actual John (or a significant part of him, by any standards).

John(s) said...

Are you suggesting we, like, integrate, John? Because I didn't get where I was by doing that sort of thing. But still, now we're dead we probably have to do things a bit differently.

Just between you and me (well me and me, really), I clocked who you were all along, John.


The Actual John said...

You expect a prize, perhaps, for recognising a John, John? Of course you clocked who I was all along - I'm me, I'm us, I'm you.

Death seems to have made us fractious and disputatious, Johnno. We need to pull ourself together and settle into our new us. We've been reading the welcome pamphlet, however, and it does warn the newly dead that a certain fracturing of the psyche may accompany these first few days as the adjustment process takes place. Par for the course, in other words, and I don't feel I should let it come between me. What do we say to that?

I wish me well.


John, actually.

Anna MR said...

Dear John(s), Rock-on and The Actual, hello. Before I say anything else, I must tell you I consider myself immeasurably privileged to have you as my guest(s) at such a time which must be very confusing and taxing for you (both). I am gladdened and made happily humble by the fact you decided to visit me so shortly after your demise, and delighted if my blog house feels like a supportive and safe surroundings for the surely painful acclimitisation period of adjustment to your changed circumstances, with the added problematics resulting from the apparently fracturing psyche- even if this is not an unusual experience at all, for someone in your situation. Please, if there's anything, anything at all, to make you feel more comfortable, just let me know and I'll do my utmost to provide it.

Rock-On, I'm glad you approve of the video I embedded. I spent a moment considering the 1973 video version, too, but chose this one, in the end, as it's the one closest in time to the occasion I saw you play (a)live in London - in about 1989-1990.

The Actual, I hope the adjustment period goes smoothly and you will soon start to feel quite at one with yourself. As I said, having you grace my blog house is an honour and a privilege.

With the best of regards to you (both),

I remain, yours faitfully,

Anna MR

Rock-on almost-assimilated John said...

I was beginning to wonder if this was limbo, as it happens. But whatever, I'm having a good time here, and so is John. You're a cool chick. Might carry on spooking around.

Anna MR said...

Rock-on Limbo John, I don't wish to put you off your almost-assimilated stride, but this is, in fact, limbo. So, you know, I'm really glad that you and John are having a good time (and I do hope you assimilated his opinion before stating it), because we may be here some time, it seems.

Keep on rocking and carry on spooking, please, John. Lovely to do the limbo with you.