Saturday, January 24, 2009

This post will make very little sense, unless

you have the know-how to read into the intertextuality of blogs.

If indeed the intertextuality of blogs is a field you aren't familiar with, I suggest you try to rectify this soonest, for it adds a whole new dimension to The Blogging Experience.

And that's all for now, folks.


Reading the Signs said...

Even though she's a bit, you know, disembodied, she looks pretty hot - as anyone would in those PJs. Good work, Mata Hari.

Kahless said...

Are they Signsies PJ's?

Cos if they are I know where she got them as I bought an exact same pair for Mrs K!!

Reading the Signs said...

Not saying that they were or weren't hers, Kahless, (I mean it not even being my blog an all, I know from nothing), but if they were, they might have been a Christmas pressie that had been bought at John Lewis.

Kahless said...

They are SO the same ones lol!!!

In fact mrs K is wearing them right now!

I bought them as a crissie pressie too.

Reading the Signs said...

hello Icemaiden - it's that time of year, isn't it? Tagged you, my dear. Mwah!

Anna MR said...

Signs, Kahless - you're clearly having a pyjama party here. As you were, my dears, don't let me disturb you - just came to say thank you to Signs for the tag, and that I'd be onto it soon. So, here goes -

Thank you, Signs-sees, I'll be onto the tag soon. It'll be fun - I haven't done a tag for at least a year, probably more. Hurrah and mwahs and maybe Kahless should send us some evidence to support her claims about Mrs K's pyjamas.

Just saying.

Cusp said...

Seen any good films lately ;0)) ?

Bit saddened really.... I'd imagined The Nordic Princess would have ermine-trimmed jammies and velvet slippers. Are those your incognito jammies? Bet they are and I bet that Teddy has a camera in one of his eyes and opium secreted about his person.

I think this stuff about those jammies in the pic being Mrs K's is just a ruse to get me off the scent

Go I right ?

Reading the Signs said...

She does have ermine-trimmed jammies, Cusp. You didn't do the intertextuality, did you? But you actually got it right about my teddy bear.

Kahless said...

Evidence of PJ's here

I did the ironing today so came across them and a similar pair bought at the same time

Anna MR said...

Wee Cuspchen, hei. No, they are not my pyjamas. You're well and truly off the scent, which is all the more baffling as I hadn't actually set out to put you off the scent in the first place. Believe me, if I had such outlandish pyjamas, I'd lay claim to them immediately. And as for the scent, I only bought it quite recently, and I hope you're not put off by it because I really rather like it. Although I hope you never stumble upon the website dedicated to it, because it says, and I quote, "...the perfume's magically evocative notes will immediately awaken your deepest senses, giving you the impression of living life in your own secret garden away from hard reality," and much as I'd like to live in my own secret garden, Cuspcake, away from hard reality, there's still something really ick-tastic about putting it that way. I will have to erase it from my brain, in fact, to be able to continue enjoying my new perfume and the impression of living life in my own, no, wait. Deary me. And what Signs neglects to point out is my ermine trimmings are of vegetarian ermine, who died of natural causes at a ripe old age, having bequeathed his pelt to further the Arctic cause.

And Signs, you never told me that about Teddy. I was wondering what he was up to and what was his game, the night I awoke to find him busily taking photographs of my sleeping self. The fact that he was engaged in some counter-espionage comes as a relief, to be truthful.

Kahless? That's the spirit. Evidence, evidence, evidence. Hurrah.

Onwards and upwards, my dear Pyjama People, onwards and upwards.

Reading the Signs said...

You never said anything about the Ermine having been a vegetarian, Igloo-dweller. Seems very unlikely to me, not to say suspicious. But dying of natural causes I am just about prepared to believe.

You never spotted the opium about Teddy's person, did you? He's some bear, I can tell you. Well how did you think I managed to get those dream photos?

But look, what I really came here to say is, how can you spill the beans and then not actually tell us the name of that perfume! I had to go to all the trouble of googling what you said about it. What I think is that the makers of it must be on something, and whatever it is I want to be on it too. It sounds dangerous, though - anything that promises the impression of living life in your own secret garden away from hard reality has got to be dangerous. I like the sound of it.

Anna MR said...

Oh Signs, I have now spent simply days trying, for some reason, to post a comment here which would have a wonder link under my name which would take you to a screen grab I took from the page advertising another one of my perfume favourites, but blogger is just not playing nicely and I'll have to give in (and as I said, I've no idea why I wanted to do it in that way in the first place, but once I'd started trying (and failing), I wasn't going to give up very easily. Anyway), yes, give in and just type a copy of what the bastard claims:

...forever seductive, reflecting the fire within, the strength in the softness, the warmth against skin, a precious metal, elemental in its attraction, essential in its luxury, natural as it is sculptural, it's [sic] touch like no other - powerful, passionate, just like the woman who wears it...

cetra blah ad infinitum et nauseam. Who writes this stuff? It's brilliant. Although the its - it's mistake is one that always makes my skin creep a little bit (particularly when I do it myself - and I do know when to use which, but it still sometimes makes a sneak appearance). Anyway, I think I'll stop reading books altogether and just move onto reading the web sites of perfumes.

(And Teddy - you took the dream photos? I thought you loved me, you opium fiend. Ah, never was a woman thus betrayed.)

Reading the Signs said...

Opium "surrounds you with unexpected warmth and surprising depth".

No wonder teddy and I are blissed out all the time.

But the stuff that you are on is more poetic, I'll grant you that.

Anna MR said...

Hmmmmm. In these depths, Signskins the Opium Addict (and Teddy), and only to you (two), I will confess I've my eye set on a new scent, now. Yes, I mean eye, for my nose has not yet beheld the product. But it is described thuslike, and it sounds irresistible (oh woe is me, I'm a capitalist shite):

"...the fragrance larger than life will reinvent your reality [and not a moment too soon - AMR] into a universe of beauty and glamour[good, good - AMR]...everything is now possible [about fucking time and all - AMR]. This ultra-sophisticated object is not merely the ultimate accessory: it becomes a magic potion that heightens self-confidence and celebrates life by "megafying" its treasures. An astonishing fragrance that is mega glamorous, chic and sophisticated!"

It's too bad that my foundation sociology 101 course is beginning to make me see through this stuff. Could it be, Signs, that they're merely trying to sell me a lifestyle and an identity, those wicked, wicked market force men, with their copywriter sidekicks? Bastards. I could really do with having both my confidence and life's treasures "megafied".