Saturday, January 10, 2009

But no, I didn't get me a kilt

Yesterday will go down in the annals of time as The Day I Lost My Haggis Virginity. Look and mark well the indistinct brown pattie on the right. It was delicious and I would gladly have eaten a considerably bigger pattie.

Okay, so it was vegetarian haggis. Not my fault that they make the real thing with things that run.

I have found Edinburgh beautiful. I have also thought it amazing you can go and climb a Scottish mountain (okay, a small one - but still) and still remain in the capital city. I loved the climb. Do please note the road in front of me froze in recognition and welcome.

Also the loch sensed my Ice-Maidenly approach.

I really mean this - would you just please look at the colours. They go right through me. It's just too heartbreakingly fucking beautiful. And yes, this would be the technical term for it.

Today's my last day in Scotland, so I went souvenir shopping. Guilty as charged, Your Honour, I went for the stuff everyone gets from Scotland - but in my defence, at least I made sure the stuff was actually Made in Scotland, rather than buying (cheaper) things which euphemistically say things such as "Inspired by" or "Made to the Traditional Design" (in India - which is what they don't say. Or worse, China).

Farewell, bonnie Scotland. I most dearly hope it doesn't take another eighteen and a half years till I return. As the poet says,

England! thy beauties are tame and domestic,
To one who has rov'd on the mountains afar
Oh! for the crags that are wild and majestic
The deep frowning glories of dark Loch na Garr.

(And he was Scottish, you know. Although I haven't made it to Loch na Garr. But still, there's always next time.)


Anonymous said...

Oh, it is so beautiful there. I stumbled here and am glad I did! Thanks for sharing.


Anna MR said...

Oh my. Hello, Sandy, and a very warm welcome to you. What a delight to hear your comment, what a delight you stumbled here. I mean this quite seriously - it is one of the beauties of blogging, I find, this stumbling upon places and feeling glad about it, both for the stumbler (which has often been me) and the one being stumbled upon. And you are absolutely right, Scotland and Edinburgh are totally beautiful, and I'm really rather sold, hook, line and sinker.

Do please feel most welcome to stumble here again, whenever you feel like it. It's not always pictures of Scotland, not always any pictures at all, but visitors and comments are always welcomed.

Friendly hugs and hellos and handshakes to you, across the globe and blogosphere.