Sunday, December 07, 2008

Not even going to mention the two-day gap in my daily posting

Throughout my life, I've had a number of recurring dream-themes. These include

- the end of the world being immediate, because I witness a mushroom cloud rising in the distance (often seen through a window). My reaction to this is a panicked hurry to tell the person I'm with that I love them,

- trying to hit my father, but failing, because my arms will only move in the slow-motion typical to nightmares. My father will just look at me, just look, and I feel dreadful, not only because I can't vent my rage, but also because now he knows it is there,

- I find myself in my house, one that I've once lived in, in the past, or forgotten I own, or not known about. The unifying factor of my dream houses is there is a secret room, which feels delicious and right and I can't understand how I've not remembered about it.

Interpretations and readings are welcomed. Thank you.


Miranda said...

Derams seem to me usually to signify two things, and shouldn't be interpreted much beyond this: (1) there's something you're anxious about; or (2) there's something you desire.

The nuclear war one is, I think, quite common to our generation, and is an anxiety dream; the room in your house, somewhere you want to be to feel safe.

For what it's worth...


Anna MR said...

Thank you for your swift interpretation-reply, sweet Miranda. I am with you in thinking that dream interpretation shouldn't be taken very far - although I once read something by Priestley, I think in "Man and Time", about precognitive dreaming, which did sound true and interesting, or at least truly interesting. As it is about two decades ago, however, I shun from quoting him here (or indeed, anywhere. Might want to read it again, first, and anyway). I also read somewhere that everything in your dreams is aspects of yourself - in my case, that would be the bomb as well as my dad, and my house, and my secret room. Go figure, but I do find the repeatedness of these dreams significant in itself (have just had the secret room dream, although I thought I never would again, as it's been a long time since the previous one).

You always come equipped with poignant and beautiful gifts, you know. This is nowhere near in beautiful poignancy, but at least in keeping with the conceptual continuity...

Good, as always, to see you


Reading the Signs said...

All I know is that this room of yours is very auspicious. When I dream of secret rooms they are usually a bit scary and/or neglected.

But reading this, I almost have the sense that there might be a room such as this that I dreamed about and forgot.

Thank you.

(WVL says scies, which is another way of writing sees)

Anna MR said...

Hello, dear scies, and thank you for your auspicious interpretation. It seems totally unfair if your dream houses/rooms are scary (neglected is not so bad, in itself, I find - there can be a gentle, comfortable neglect, too, can there not? Where the garden overgrows and goes wild, and moss appears between paving stones, forming attractive patterns - like maps of secret lands, and and?) whilst mine are so - pardon me but nothing else will do - fucking lovely. For that my secret room of dreams really is, Signskins, no two ways about it. When I dream it, there is sometimes a desolation, too, but that is only because of the realisation of the wasted time I've spent not remembering about it. In fact, if I could have an afterlife, I'd most likely prefer to go into my secret dream room, for good - the "Heaven" offered by official religion (well, Christianity at any rate) has always seemed a little static, to me (I suppose this would go for any state-of-eternal-bliss type of afterlife, but I'm less well versed in Hinduism or Buddhism to stick out my neck and offer a comment on Nirvana or whatever) (and no I don't mean the band - whom, incidentally, I saw live when they were a mere supporting act) (just saying). God, where was I? Yes, static, this eternal state of bliss. Somehow not for me. I would vastly prefer to enter my room for an eternity of the excitement of the state of rediscovering something beautiful and priceless.

Or something. Man, I'd better go off to sleep, I'm becoming a public embarrassment in my own blog house. Before I go, though, I'd like to say "you're welcome" - You're Welcome, Signs - and that I feel absolutely unshakably certain you have indeed dreamt and forgotten your room. Off you go, too, in search of it.

Nighty nights with mwehs and mwahs