Monday, December 08, 2008

I miss dark being properly dark

I swear that the cloudy night sky never used to be orange, in the winters of my childhood. It just used to be dark, without stars.

It used to be lovely.


Nicola said...

I often walk in the dark with my dog. Thought recently I was losing my night vision until I realised it is probably due to the proliferation of home security lights in the village, the felling of trees by a local landowner which now lets the lights of the city through, and a local craze for giving dogs flashing collars. But I can still turn to the west and, above the hills of Wales, see the greater constellations and the seven sisters, Sister.

Nicola said...

ps Knew exactly what you were talking about - odd feelings, that
particular kind of desolation. Lovely post.

Anna MR said...

Fair, sweet Nicola Sis - what a lovely thing to find you here, truly. Welcome back - it's been a while, hasn't it? My bad and mea maxima culpa, of course - I've been hiding under a dustball beneath my bed for most of the autumn. Glad you haven't dumped me.

And listen, what lovely news you have a dog, too - they are a fairly brilliant reason for being alive, are they not? Mine is just snuffly-muffledly barking in her sleep, at the foot of my bed, as I write this. What is yours doing, I wonder? I may well be wrong (I sometimes am, you know), but I've a feeling I've never heard of your dog before. But home security lights are bad news, and the felling of trees is potentially even worse, to be sure. However, I must confess (blushingly, mind) to having attached a little red bone-shaped light-and-movement-sensored flashing LED device (given to us, as a present, by our vet, when we visited her for vaccinations a while back) to my dog's harness. God, what an embarrassment to have contributed to your lack of darkness and night vision. Profoundly sorry, Nicola, and super glad you can still see the stars in the west, above the hills of Wales (and oh-my-God am I ever hit with hiraeth by those words), in spite of my dog-harness atrocities.

Incidentally - very, very delighted that you would have found the feeling lurking behind my sparse post here. Thank you, sister in desolation.