Sunday, November 30, 2008

Nulla dies sine linea, or something

So I had hate mail the other day - well, not hate mail as such, really, rather an unfriendly sweary comment on one of my blogs. I've been pretty lucky, as I know some people have untold hassle with trolls and other nose-picking creatures of the down-side of the blogosphere, and I haven't had to deal with very much in that way at all. Anyway, this person swore a little and did a bit of name-calling blah-blah, but what actually had me thinking was he said I "try too hard" - and this, unhappily, dear Reader, may well be true of the past few weeks (months, even). How hateful - there's nothing worse than laboured performance, be that performance a stage thing or a blog post or a whatever. Thing is, as you may have noticed, I have been a bit quiet lately and the longer I have left it the harder it has been to come and say something, and so any little peep I've managed to eek out of myself has been a real squeeze and an effort. So there's only one thing for it, I reckon, and that's just to come here and say something, just any old tripe, every day.

Only right now I'm about to fall asleep, so this has to be enough for today's requirements. Except I've been dying to put this picture up for so long, whilst simultaneously being unable to say something to go with it, that I'm just going to go ahead and do it now - some people will (maybe) remember my story of the East German guy and the Walkman stereo. This bottle-opener is the one he gave me in exchange, twenty-one and a bit years ago, and totally useless it is too, and I was gladder than glad when it turned up at the summer cottage this July.


Reading the Signs said...

Just to say I remember that lovely story.

And I am sad to hear about the horribleness that homed in on you. Away with it.

Mr. Signs is, as you may remember training to be a T.A. shrink so he knows all about "Drivers". And my Driver is apparently called Try Hard. It's in the blood, sees.

Anna MR said...

I am glad you remember it, sees me sweet - but don't please be worry about the nose-picker person. It's not worth it (and besides, his comment contained a valid point, even if it was unnecessarily sweary).

I do remember Mr S's T.A. shrink studies, yes, and very glad indeed to find we have more than toes carried by the genes in our lineage.I hope Mr S will do me a reading of drivers, too.

Must sleep - a blog post a day is hard work, even when you're not saying very much. Mwah and sleep tight, sees.

Gael said...

hello : )
Glad you're back, even if it is just cleaning avoidance activity. This reply is secondary literature review avoidance activity, you are a bad influence...
Re the unpleasantness, remember, "Don't Feed The Trolls" is the thick-skinned bloggers mantra

Anna MR said...

Hei Gael - I knew you'd been here somewhere, but I just couldn't find you last night. Sorry about that - and it's lovely to see you again. I'm also frightfully pleased about being a bad influence - infinitely better than being a good influence. Hurrah. But yes, the blogging was on a hold - or totally clogged - or something. I am pleased to find, though, that instead of cleaning to avoid blogging, I managed to blog instead of cleaning. If you see what I mean.

To be truthful, I fed the troll with a lovely, friendly, welcoming letter, and it hasn't returned. I had a feeling it wouldn't.

Keep on with the displacement activities, Gael. Good to see you.