Tuesday, September 04, 2007

An unfortunate typo led them to me

My "cyberfriend" is gone. It was great to meet her. It was she, who, many months ago, (publicly) exposed the habit (which I was more fond of than I'd care now to admit) of publishing lists of googlehits as being lazy blogging. I haven't published them since, and only once mentioned a particularly juicy hit, but the one I'm about to quote is too good, and she will be too tired out by her recent travel travails to be able to chastise me for laziness...

Reader - I have been the source of much knowledge for many seekers in my time, but (to my recollection) none have come with a quest as obscure as the person who landed on my site, with the undying search words

"puss between toes"

I kid you not.


But Why? said...

Oh. Wow. Ick. What have you been writing??

zola a social thing said...

A Pussy in Nokia Boots in Summer?

Reading the Signs said...

Well she may not chastise you but I will - not for lazy blogging or "puss between the toes" (and between you and me if I wanted to know about that I would of course come straight here) - but because - no, I'm not saying. Guess what?

Kahless said...


NMJ said...

ach, anna mr, i haven't really gone, i'm still here, yes, i did talk about lazy blogging agesago but then boldly proceeded to list some googles of my own site, so i was just getting myself off the hook.

'puss between toes' is excellent & should be blogged, no doubt.

if they meant 'pus', then that is disgusting, & if they meant puss as in miaow miaow, purr purr, well that is funny.


word ver: kkguhod

Matti said...

i fundamentally disagree with cyberfriend. it's easy and almost always intriguing (my site was found in august so far with e.g. "modern propaganda", "felony fights", "clipart wanted" and "same spot"), which makes it just A Good Thing in my book. and don't forget i'm the mayor.

Anna MR said...

Yeees, Mutta miksi?. What have I been writing about? These words led the seeker of higher wisdom to my most recent tag reply (8 random factoids), where I spoke about my webbed toes and gave the names of my cats... I hasten to add that there has never been pus, pusses, or pussies between my toes, neither the webbed nor the unwebbed ones (the poor things still lack individual names), neither summer nor winter, neither in (Nokia) wellies nor bare. Never. (This goes for you too, Zola a Kinky Thing.)

Signs the Chastiser - aha! I think I can guess. Well, hope you enjoy (mwah!), and for pity's sake, keep it to yourself (yes, you'd of course be coming here, and that would of course be the right course of action).

Kahless - my thoughts exactly - ych y fi, as we Welshies so onomatopoeically say, eh, bach?

Ach, Ms Legs the Cyberfriend, of course you're still here - this is where we uploaded you to when we had re-coded you, I haven't forgotten. I am glad I am off the lazy hook with your kind pardon, honey, particularly as Matti the Mayor (dude) has provoked me to list a few more of my recent ones:

webbed toes ( I get a lot of these, there's much interest in the subject matter)
wearing pants past the bellybutton (no comment)
wet spot (hello, Tri Miksi?)
and, most disturbingly, someone using the Spanish google, with the search words
anna mr (own up, whoever you are)

So Matti, I don't know. I am clearly in the same league as you, I find these things intriguing, but cannot, however, find it in myself to disagree with Cyberfriend either (because she has a point). Oh, what a dilemma.

xxxxxx one each, no more, no less

Merkin said...

Proud Tabby, everything is possible.

Merkin said...

Just realised, having looked again, that it is even worse than I thought.
Puss or pus?
Do tell us.

trousers said...

I'm admitting to some Luddite tendencies here - but how do you tell what people have been looking for on your site?

I imagine "puss between toes" as a more introspective version of puss in boots

(word ver: imrdmkmi - I'm sure he was in an early incarnation of Hawkwind)

Anna MR said...

I have to bow to your superior knowledge on "everything's possible", Merkin. But which one is worse, in this case, puss or pus? Do tell us... I have written the search words as they appeared on my statties.

Which, housut my dear, brings me neatly to your query. Can it be that a young man of your stonewear cool has not sitemeter? Dear heart, you must hasten over to statcounter.com and get yourself one. It's free/easy/fun/terrifying/addictive (delete as appropriate). Amongst other things, you'll find a wee button that says "Recent Keyword Activity", the pressing of which is guaranteed to give you hours of fun/horror/shock/gobsmackedness (ditto).

I like your interpretation of the toe puss. Not too smutty, not too sicky, altogether nice and sweet and tasteful. But oh God, now you've reminded me of Hawkwind. I haven't thought of them for years - I saw them a bunch of times in the late 80s (they were already old farts by then). So, in honour of them (are they still going? surely not?) and Imrdmkmi, I have left you a wee video under my signature. I think you can see Imrdmkmi briefly towards the end of the clip, although it's all gone pretty psychedelic there by then, and it's hard to be sure.

xx one each, lads

NMJ said...

. . . i think google hits are like dreams, most interesting to those to whom they belong. you get a wee high when you see the oddities that bring people to your door.

but 'puss between toes' definitely transcends any sense of limited interest. i agree, i agree, i agree!

ach, matti, you are disagreeing with me?! next thing you'll be throwing tram tickets in my direction. and excuse me, but when did you become mayor? i was not aware of your status.

anyway, i share with you all, recent hits on my blog:

'anna velo',

'i shouldn't be surprised she's screwed my friends',

'horse asthma signs'.

not that good really. sorry to be so dull.

i think i'm jetlagged, can 2 hours give you the lag?


Anna MR said...

Ha, honorary Helsinkiite, tram-driver's dream, my esteemed cyberfriend Ms Legs - we are here within a 60 second radius, which is good going (particularly given your jet lag, Ms Lags). I, for one, find your hits quite amusing, particularly as I can read the intertextuality and know why both horses and signs feature on your hits (as well as annas and velos, I suppose).

Lovely to see you here, honey. Hope you're not feeling too rough after Horrible Heathrow.


trousers said...

Thanks lovely anna - statcounter - will do.
Forgive me though, I can't find that video - under your signature? I'm being very slow tonight.

word ver this time is fludjs
(flu dj's?)

Anna MR said...

Oh my, slow housut, you really aren't the fastest legwear in town tonight. See where it says my name in the comment above? I don't wish to take away your joy of discovery, but that's called my signature. Yeeeeeeees....


trousers said...

Fantastic - thanks anna!

NMJ said...

hey fellow (true not honorary) helsinkiite, i just took the liberty of following trousers' link, i had no idea that was a hawkwind song - it rules! reminds me of school discos.


Anna MR said...

Fantastic trousers, libertarian Legs - always glad to oblige. Far out, man.


(housut - you do see I simply had to call you by your English name again here, right?)

trousers said...

Of course anna - context is important, if not essential.

I'm now scratching my head as to how you were able to turn your signature into a link - I never knew you could do that either. This thread is really showing my ignorance!

Anna MR said...

Now housut - that really would take away your joy of discovery... I feel certain you'll work it out, though.

Happy head-scratching


montag said...

"Puss", meaning "cat" ,between toes is rather poetic...in an intially shocking way.

It reminds me of old Chinese poetry; the character for "feline" followed by that for "in the midst of, between" and that of "toes".

I truly like this. I shall try "long staff, broken boots" for a while myself.

That's so pants said...

Hei Anna Mr

You're right. That needed saying.



Anna MR said...

Esteemed Montag, how nice to see you, and what real poetic vision you come bearing. I am bowled over, really, by this Chinese thing, which I would never in a month of Sundays have been able to think up myself, but which gives a beautiful edge to this originally merely silly-obscure-horrid search. If you can write old Chinese characters, please please please write it for me and, I don't know, link to it under your signature or something. I would love to see it.

In fact - I can see a whole new school of post-modern obscurist art developing...combining googlehits (maybe spam messages would do too) with ancient Oriental calligraphy. Oh MAN - alright, art world guys, you saw it here first, the idea is now © Anna MR 2007 (sorry Montag. I stole it). Oh, fame beckons. And untold beauty to boot.

It's been stimulating and wonderful to see you here again, Montag. Make sure to nip in whenever the mood grabs you.


Anna MR said...

Hei back, talented Ms Pants, and fab to see you today. Do you know, I was quite embarrassed about putting up this post at all - I did find the hit itself hilarious in a number of ways and aspects, but cooking up a wee post around it did seem like cheap and, well, lazy blogging. It seems to have fired the imaginations of some folks, though, so I am currently less mortified about (the lack of) my writing. The fact you seemed to find the hit amusing too is very, very pleasing to me - although, on close thought, possibly not entirely surprising.

Listen, Ms Pants, I left you an offer of new Finnish names down there somewhere - maybe it was my birthday post, I can't quite remember. Please do go check them out and voice an opinion. I'd hate to start calling you something odd without your go-ahead, but am fairly dying to do so with it.

Lovely, as always, to have you over at my house.