Thursday, September 06, 2007

It's Not Pants - one of my non-commercial commercial breaks

The multi-talented and creative That's So Pants is treating us in blogdom to Chapter 1 of her new novel The Full English. I have been there and read that and would be very happy to read more - in fact, I am quite peeved I can't (as yet, anyway). I urge you to go and have a read too.


trousers said...

I felt the same - I really got into reading it, and then a little frustrated that I had to stop reading. It's a good sign though, and I hope she publishes more of it.

word ver = lemmy (not really!)


I told you she was good. I think I should maybe receive royalties for pointing you in the right direction, you know.

Beautiful gesture, beautiful Finn.

Anna MR said...

Hei housut - yes, I saw you'd been there before me and liked what you'd seen. It may even be it was your sentiments I echoed in my comment (I am woefully shite at giving literary commentary, to my undying shame).

The signs are good. I hope she finds a publisher.


Anna MR said...

Tuolloin-tällöinen Engelsmanni - yes, absolutely. It was indeed you who turned me onto Ms Pants (Pants, are you listening? You are being discussed all over the place, and what NMJ didn't tell you was there were fireworks above the town whilst we discussed you in Hki), and while I am very grateful for it, I would like to clarify whether you want the royalties from me (for pointing me, rightfully, towards delightful reads) or from Pants (for increasing the geographic scope of her readership to also cover the frozen wastelands at the outer reaches of the known universe?). Either, of course, suits me fine (Pants, am handing out your money to the Englishman here, I hope you don't mind).

Kuulehan. While I am (naturally) blushing from the effects of the complement, I must here confess I have taken a leaf out of the book of Signs (and what a fine book it is to rip leaves out of) - she told everyone to spread the word and I am nothing if not obedient to my heroes. Yes.

Anyhow and as always, beautiful to see you here, beautiful kilt-wearer.


That's so pants said...

Hie Anna Mr

Thank you so much! This is so lovely of you. Signs has been wonderful too as has NMJ. I'm really touched by the generosity in this group of blog friends. It really is VERY encouraging when you're struggling with a big piece of work so thank you all very much. Mr PE - you never visit ME - what's that about?



Anna MR said...

No, Ms Pants, thank you for letting us enjoy your stuff. Keep on keeping on, girl. (I want my copy autographed.)


Reading the Signs said...

Hi y'all - nice to see that word of Pants is spreading.

Anna, you know that I approve of the riperoo (pages etc.)

Anna MR said...

Riptastic Signs, I am fully aware of this. (I still say ripperoo comes with two p's, though.)