Saturday, May 26, 2007

A day in the life

I blame you, Reading the Signs. It is purely your influence that has muddled my mind into reading everyday events into meaningful coincidences, nay, even synchronicity (perish the thought).

I set out today to have a look at the Manolo Vald├ęs statues currently in a park in the heart of Helsinki. During this wee outing, as well as seeing the statues, I happenstanced on

- the free hugs people, out for another session of handing out hugs to needy passers-by (I leapt upon one of the young men, yelping "Mun vuoro!", My turn! - the hug really hit the spot)

- my son and his friends, out to celebrate his sixteenth (I had a general idea where they'd be and had specifically avoided going there, so as not to embarrass him by turning up)

- a heart of gold (yes, I found a golden heart, lying on the street - it is now threaded onto my key ring)

So what does it all mean? Will sit indoors for the rest of the evening, not only in contemplation but also to avoid running into any more peculiarities interpretable as meaningful. Too much of good things -


Reading the Signs said...

Dear ms future of - so one day you see a heart drawn up beside graffiti that says random life, and the next you find a golden heart. This is the kind of thing that happens when you begin to read the signs! Magic, and you have been blessed with a good omen. If we were all fluent readers we'd know our purpose here. I am practising and will always be.

Usually I would be stood a little far off from any group offering free hugs - but I am glad you did not because intuition tells me it belonged to the day and to you. We have no prophets and have forgotten how to read the stars, but we have intuition.

Lovely heart of gold sign, lovely, and believe me, I speak as one who has found a tiny keyring policeman on the street just as I had embarked on the grande affaire of my young life. Stop said the policeman, but I did not. No regrets. The signs are not rules, just awakenings.

Mazel tov!

Anna MR said...

Madame Signs - I also happenstanced upon your comment now, within the minute (it's taken me a shocked while to write this, hence the five-minute delay in our comments). Argh. My head is being done in, but maybe in a positive way. Spooooooky. (Glad it wasn't a policeman, for me, today, it might've really put the fear of g-o-d in me.)

Lovely to see you, incidentally.


Matti said...

you get that too? AMAZINGI

Reading the Signs said...

And another Heart of Gold - for you, lady of the mysterious happenings, hey I'd sing it myself but the voice, you know, still croaking.

No fantastical happenings here except for - oh yes, someone might be buying the house. Shh.

Anna MR said...

matti - don't tell me you too are plagued by this?! The end is surely nigh...just hope it's a good one.

Signsypet - I have always loved that song, although people mock me for caring for an old miseryguts like Neil. See if I care. But fantastic news about the h****! Congrats, and fear not, mum's the word, shh. Although I am growing quite fond of your house - will it be a sad day for you, when you move, do you think? And where do you intend to move to instead? (You can choose a room downstairs if you wish to discuss this in more privacy, eh.)

Fabulous first days of summer - mindblowing. Expect photographs soon...

xx one each

nmj said...

Hey Anna MR, Those Manolo statues are quite something, I would very much like one in my garden. Mmm, like Signs, I too would probably not have a free hug, but I do like the concept. Very much so. Ah, your finding the golden heart balances out that someone lost it, and there is nothing wrong with liking Neil Young. Signs, great news about h*o*u*s*e, am whispering, don't want to jinx anything!

Anna MR said...

Hei lovely nmj, I feel rather silly not to have thought about how creepy the free hugs thing could feel to many if not all "normal" people - I am just so needy and whacked-out (at least at the moment) I suppose that it just felt like something beautiful and clumsy and silly and good.

I did think of the person who had lost the heart, though, let this be said (for my integrity as a human!) - it is so tiny it is probably a little girl's originally, which made me sad. But there isn't really anything I can do to return to its rightful owner either.

These are only about a quarter of the Valdeses, they have taken over the whole park, quite a sight really. No way I could get them all in one shot.


NMJ said...

Meant to say - I love your new photo.


Anna MR said...

Thank you, NMJ pet. It serves as a deterrent for me roaming too freely on other people's sites, I think, at the moment.

The previous one had too much dark, this one too much light.

NMJ said...

Nah, there is not too much light, it shimmers beautifully, word verification is jakfy, does blogger know who i am???

Reading the Signs said...

I like the light in it too. Why should you want a deterrent? Don't understand that at all. I have been enjoying your visits!

Anna MR said...

Ah, ladies, don't ask. It's one of those yucky things that sometimes reach up and grab one by the intestines, wrapping them into a vile conglomeration of a tight ball of anxiety (told you you didn't really want to ask).

But I am glad - no, happy, proper happy - about your support. I haven't not been visiting, as you'll both know by your stats. And I believe I haven't actually resisted the temptation to say stuff very well either.

Am all talkative tonight again. This is where a too-odd photo comes in handy, so I don't come and write War and Peace on every comments box on your sites.


Anna MR said...

Ok. That just makes it sound like I insinuate I haven't resisted the temptation to say stuff very well. That's not what I meant (although yes ok I sometimes do turn a funny phrase). I of course meant I haven't done very well in resisting the temptation to say stuff.

Glad that's ironed out now. I have been getting into peculiar double-meaninged sentences lately, quite unintentionally. I think the grammatics are going. Lax, lax me.