Sunday, April 15, 2007

One more thing: a non-commercial commercial break

If you are (lucky and privileged enough to be) in the Greater Helsinki area, go and see Here Speaks Elektra, Theatre Naamio ja Höyhen's current production. I did, last night, and am still lost for words. It is good. For stunning visuals of the production and the process that lead up to it, see happeningfishes or keltanen's flickr sites. Above image is one of keltanen's - sorry man, I don't know why your site doesn't allow for direct linking to it?


Reading the Signs said...

Hi anna - been pootling around the blogs this morning and enjoying yours (just wanted to say this as I sometimes look in, admire photos etc and don't say anything) - but didn't make it to the end of the orgasm thread so will have to return later. Blimey!

Matti said...

sad to hear you couldn't finish, reading. is that my coat over there? yeah.

oh but: seconded large on elektra. it's very good.

(anna, please tell me privately what you mean about the direct-linking thing, i have no idea what you mean)

Anna MR said...

Hei Ms Signs, lovely to see you here - you are welcome to say or not say anything, according to how you feel about it. You are a braver woman than many if you do board the orgasm thread, though. Cool. Brave is one of my favourite attributes in people.

matti - what?! are you talking about, your coat etc?

will explain flickr thing in person. Thanks for photo usage all the same.

Reading the Signs said...

ok - have just looked again and it's turning into a right menage down there, and you have all gone way off topic. Will return later to inspect. Ahem. To make sure standards are being kept up, you understand.

Anna MR said...

Ooh, Ms Signs, are you going to be firm with us?

Oh goody. This is all just getting better and better.