Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Behavioural guidelines

Never, ever throw anything off a tenth-floor balcony, except occasionally, a snowball.


kurt said...

I see your "balcony" category is filling out, Anna.

Maybe you could launch some paper planes, or drop a 100' knotted rope, and see how many of the 9 apartments below ask what's going on?

(Your new tracker is pretty flashy; I'm not sure I like the pudgy blue icon (Bill Gates?) that represents me.)

Anna MR said...

I know, Kurt, I had to add "balcony" as a tag as it seems to be a central motive in my blogging. I have someone we call "paskat├Ąti", shit-auntie, living downstairs, she noticed when we moved chairs at Christmas (how naughty of us!) so no doubt she'd notice - and dislike - paper planes, too. Nice idea, though. I had also thought of blowing bubbles, they wouldn't half go.