Thursday, October 05, 2006

What is remembered: the marriage & the divorce.

Today would be my seventeenth wedding anniversary with my first husband.

We were young but not happy together. I was incredibly self-conscious and rather unhappy on our wedding day. He was embarrassed about doing as middle-classed a thing as getting married, and didn't want us to tell anyone. We went to the registrar's office in Enfield, and I got too drunk afterwards and felt embarrassed. We did go down to Bournemouth and the South Coast for a few days, though, and had a really nice time in the end. We stayed in a completely blue room with a view to the sea, ate a hot pot cooked in beer one night, and visited Avebury. I lost the film I took on the trip.

Ten years ago we were separating. He sent me the cover of a Guardian weekly pull-out section, featuring a Damian Hirst piece: a cow's (sheep's?) heart, pierced with a bread knife.

It is so good to be where I am in life.

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