Thursday, August 03, 2006

Not a catastrophe

but an upheaval. We didn't return to Hawai'i. We stayed here in Finland. Because of the kids, or in fact more because of one rather than the other.

So, instead of worrying about

a) how my hopelessly impractical husband will cope not only practically but also emotionally
b) urgently needing employment and housing for myself and two unweildy teenagers

I sit here worrying about which one of my two blog sites should now be my steady site, or do I indeed want to continue writing at all.

Yet another blogger's block, in other words. Fantastic. Meanwhile, perfectly sane people seem to OK acts of violence against civilians.

Maybe I'll give up writing and start knitting Teresa blankets instead.


nmj said...

My dear, I for one hope you keep blogging, your words are a delight to read whether from Hawaii or Helsinki...

kurt said...

And I second the motion. Maybe you can write about Hawaii through the winter, to warm you?

Anna MR said...

Thank you kindly my dears. I know it is irrelevant to worry about which blog etc. but it does rather illustrate my neurotic thinking processes.

kurt said...
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