Monday, July 31, 2006


In case anyone was wondering, my life is a mess and I'm not here.


nmj said...

Glad you are back safe & sound at the other side of the world! Are you still having to move house? . . . btw I am just now listening to the Beatles, getting v nostalgic about my first boyfriend in 1980. I never listen to the Beatles.

n.n. said...

Sweet stalker - I deleted what you had to say, but that doesn't mean I don't welcome you to crawl all over both me and my blog.

Mad about you.


hot stalker said...

I can't seem to access anything today at all, so it´s just a hei from me here. I´ll try getting into Flickr later, though, so I'll maybe see you there. Behave yourself in the meantime, obv.
Going for lunch. Love cetra....


n.n said...

Hot S., gorgeous to see you. What a total bummer about access - I was going to comment on your interesting choice of post but then saw the reasoning behind it, maybe.

Behaving as best I can. Home now. Hope lunch and rest of the day have been lovely. Love and love and love (cetra)