Sunday, May 28, 2006


I am too soft-hearted for gardening, really. I feel sorry for the branches that I am about to lob off ("oww, this one's just going to bloom as well"). I know it will make the plant bushier, and that there's a good chance the cuttings I have stuck here and there in the garden will root. I have been told things grow so easily here, even if you (and I quote) "poke a dead stick in the ground it will grow".

(Having said that, it must be remembered absolutely nothing has happened to that other orchid, and for some reason, the native white hibiscus (of the fantastic Hawai'ian name, koki'o ke'oke'o) had grown enormous but has never bloomed once, even though it reputedly blooms "almost continuously in cultivation".)

I keep telling myself, by the time we get back from Finland, they'll be looking so much better for the pruning. But even so and in any case, right now my hibiscus plants look pretty sorry for themselves, robbed and raided and raped.

© 2006 Anna MR


nmj said...

oh, no, anna mr, 'robbed, raided and raped', that all sounds too brutal! your poor hibiscus plants! meanwhile, here in freezing scotland, i'm just praying my sweet pea seedlings don't get blown away . . .

Anna MR said...

I know, it's dreadful. I can't bear glancing out into the garden.

I am working on sending some sunshine to Scotland, I can't think why it isn't working...?!