Saturday, May 20, 2006

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There seems to be disproportionately many amputees in Hawai'i. I can't help wondering, neurotic that I am, whether that is because of the sharks. On the other hand, it might be that it's not just Hawai'i. Maybe it's the US, with its history of continuous warfare – I have no experience of mainland USA at all.

There are also quite a few homeless people, settling into shop doorways more or less as soon as business hours are over, which is early round here, 4 - 5 pm. The town is small, and you soon start to recognise them – the lady with the big dog, the guy with the bicycle. My husband did his masters in New York State in the early 90s. Apparently there was a campus rumour that the government ships the homeless to Hawai'i where it's warm and they are cheaper to look after (I think it sounds like an urban myth…) One of my American friends reckoned the homeless are homeless by choice, and that everyone who applies for housing will be housed, but I am too Scandinavian not to take issue. On the whole, though, I try not to get into political arguments with people – what's the point. We are all products of our cultural conditioning, to a degree, and I doubt I could change anyone's point of view just by saying no, I know better.

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Anne said...

From Anna (my name when I lived in France) OK, I see lots of homeless in NYC but I need to put a positive spin on it. If this is true, and I do end up being a bag lady :), this means that I will get to see our beautiful Hawaii? I dont speak to the homeless because I am driving through or rushing through and I am usually not alone. Saw many beggars in San Francisco. In Vegas women beg with their children in tow. Now I will be thinking about the homeless all day long? Argh!

Anna MR said...

Hei Anne, sorry if I put a downer on your day…it's just sometimes these things just won't go away no matter how hard I try not to think or see. I am not always cranky or gloomy, though, so you're welcome to my blog should you fancy popping over!