Saturday, May 20, 2006

Hell just might freeze over, today

Alright. Being Finnish, I will have to do it – there'll have to be a comment on the phenomenon known as Lordi, the "horror metal band" the Finns elected to represent the country at the Eurovision song contest this year.

Those of us who either are European or have lived there, cannot be unaware of the Eurovision song contest and all the kitsch and gigglable horror it encompasses. If you've watched it more than once, you'll also be very familiar with the phrase "Finlande, nil point". My native land has never had any great success with the competition. I think we may hold the dubious record of receiving no points whatsoever in more competitions than anyone else. To the point that there are online jokes about global warming and climate changes, which have as their punchline something like "-340 Kelvin, all cell-based life dies, hell freezes over, Finland wins the Eurovision song contest". And Lordi is not only silly in its own right with the masks and costumes (although perhaps the boys can play?), it is also hilariously against the grain of the contest.

Ha. You unbelievers. According to the BBC news website, we are now hot-tipped bookie favourites at 7/1. Get your jumpers out. And please note my best pal in Finland, Bruce, appears in the Lordi movie "The Kin", as the head evil guy! You can imdb this if you don't believe me.

I wish I could be in a Finnish pub, I just know people are pissing themselves laughing tonight, which of course is more or less now, given the time differences. *She has a wistful moment*

© 2006 Anna MR


nmj said...

I think you may have cause to celebrate, anna mr!!!

Anna MR said...


kurt said...

Congratulations! Apparently all that Finnish reserve has been covering a volcano of monster-music ready to erupt...