Saturday, May 13, 2006

Drying up? Get some sun

I haven't got a great deal to say, which is why I shan't say a great deal.

I come from a nation of great holders of silence – Finns really know how not to say anything, if they haven't got anything to say. Watch any Kaurismäki film if you don't believe me. You can have fifteen minutes of screen time, with actors interacting without any dialogue, it's great. I am not the biggest K fan, although I like him a great deal, but sometimes it just feels so unbeatably good to whack one of his films in the dvd player. What a contrast to American culture and particularly American tv, where there is an inordinate amount of shouting and unnecessary babble.

Not that I have anything against talkative cultures, idle chit-chat, fun banter, or interesting shit-shooting and bollock-talking. It's just, sometimes I don't have a great deal to say.

© 2006 Anna MR

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nmj said...

. . . but you've said it so eloquently that you have nothing to say . . . i want to see one of those kaurismaki films! (sorry, can't do the wee dots above the 'a')