Friday, May 19, 2006


There are times when it (the world) all just seems too much. I sit at home worrying about the fact I have a great many grey hairs and not enough to do. Meanwhile, people held in cages in Guantanamo riot for the right to commit suicide, Palestinian communities are running out of the most basic necessities, school children stab each other willy-nilly in Britain.

Maybe I am still afflicted with the omnipotency fallacy of early childhood, as I am sure I should be able to do something about it all, and that my failure to sort everything out is due to a personal shortcoming for which I am responsible.

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nmj said...

oh, anna mr, i know the feeling, sometimes you just feel so impotent (and enraged) at the state of things, the guantanamo stuff is just too much to bear . . . i bought a bar of olive oil soap the other day, made by Palestinian women, a tiny, tiny gesture, but it made me feel less 'guilty' somehow . . . and i think as long as we can keep articulating that all is not as it should be, then we are at least doing something . . .