Tuesday, December 25, 2012

who did we ask before google or, you know, the internet?

You know the way sometimes a snippet of a song suddenly plays in your head? Sometimes you can remember who sang/performed it, sometimes you can't; but the times I'm talking about right now is when you can only remember a couple of bars (whether you remember the performer or not). This can lead to serious brain injury due to over-exertion of sparse memory muscles, because it is mighty annoying not to remember more than a couple of bars.

But lo, we are saved. For it is possible for us dwellers in the second decade of the 2000s to find the song without dislocating a brain cell. Rejoice. Therefore I can play this song to you too.

Merry Christmas.


Montag said...

Before Google and the Internet, I seem to remember we had wandering autistic savants who would come down the streets, calling out their expertise:

"Songs! Scraps and pieces of melody remembered!"

"Trivia! Useless details of the great and near-great! Come and get your celebrity news!"

They've all gone now, along with the scissors-grinder and tinkers.

Happy Stuff and Glorious Nonsense in the 13!

Anna MR said...

Ah Montag – you are right. How could I have forgotten the wandering autistic savants? Just goes to show how quickly we get used to modern times and, correspondingly, how quickly we lose times past.

Glorious Nonsense in the 13th right backatcha, my friend. It may well be the only thing to keep our heads above the water.