Wednesday, October 10, 2012

CG Jung bored people to tears with detailed descriptions of his dreams, too

In my dream, I had to move great slabs of flesh, awkwardly, from one pile to another, and I was thinking, this will show them all how vile it all is, I should stop every now and then and take pictures, there would be no need to attempt any artistic expression, for the scene is enough in itself.

A murder or something had happened, hence the flesh. Some of the meat was, I knew, soon disintegrating. I wasn't certain if I should wear some sort of protective gear, to stop me inhaling the decay particles, or to cover my hands; but since I hadn't from the start, I figured the damage had already been done.

I wasn't disgusted, I was matter-of-fact.

The dream changed; you were there. I knew I had to tell you I love you, so I did. You were pleased and leaned on my shoulder.

[I have been vegetarian since 1988, although for about a year, about twelve years ago, I ate meat on the sly (so as not to shock my children), to find out whether it was really me or something I'd picked up to fit into my ex-husband's circle of friends. It was and is me, although I am not puritan enough for the tastes of some people – I eat cheese without worrying about the rennet, for instance.]


Reading the Signs said...

We've both mentioned Jung today. Synchronicitous? I quite like Clarissa Pinkola Este's take on dreams, that they are coded messages from our unconscious. I can only ever read them, if at all, in the light of the emotion that accompanies them.

Anna MR said...

Synchronicitous. Is it any wonder? We do this tandem blogging, after all. We must have some kind of ethereal connection forming (not that we haven't had it from time to time before, what-what) (and even though my daily blogging isn't quite as daily as yours, it's fair to say).

I have, during this year, started to dream extremely vividly and mostly rather unpleasantly. They are not nightmares as such; they are vivid, complicated, long, highly colourful and ickily disturbing, and I likes them not.

I suppose a dream analyst would need to put that in their pipe and smoke it; I have a sense of not wanting to look at the meaning of my dreams, when they are like this. On t'other hand, it's prolly cowardice, and looking at the messages sent by my unconscious to yours truly might prove quite good.

Still. They are so very unpleasant, sweet Signs, that I just don't feel like it. Not at the mo anyway. Suggested dream readings from other people are very welcome, though.