Friday, October 05, 2012

because it is pointless, and because it is my heart

My much beloved Reading the Signs made the mistake of suggesting something, which I immediately had to put to the test.

So, here goes for nothing. Please fill in the following questionnaire:

Does this picture depict the Madonna?

Yes       No      Maybe      I don't know/I would rather not say

Thank you for taking part in this survey. There are no prizes, apart the joy of partaking in the furthering of science.


Reading the Signs said...

I just showed this to Mr. Signs and asked him what it suggested to him. Errr, he said - something Indian? Anything else? I asked. Errrr, nope. When I said Madonna he said oh yes, I suppose, but really she should have a baby.

Well I think you make a brilliant Madonna. So I have circled the yes. A bit damned miffed to read that there are no prizes though.

(you're mad, you are - mwah! x )

Cusp said...

Wheres the JPG pointy bra ? :)

Reading the Signs said...

Cusp, I know you put a smiley up but she is very likely to take you up on that, and we must consider her reputation which so far has been withouten spotte, as I am fairly sure Geoffrey Chaucer would have said.

Anyway, why aren't you hurrying over to mine to give me Parmigiana advice?

Anna MR said...

Ahem. It seems I now have to come up with a) a photo of moi avec baby b) a photo of moi avec pointy bra.

This make take a few moments – after all, babies don't grow on trees, you know – but I'll get back to you.


Reading the Signs said...

heheheh! :)