Friday, October 26, 2012

and furthermore

credit where credit is due, right


Reading the Signs said...

"plastic santas in perpetual underwater snowstorms"? Ok, paperweights, I geddit. Phew!

Anna MR said...

You know, one thing on my life that I truly regret is that I never have started a collection of snow globes. Seriously. There can hardly be anything quite as naff and kitschy yet with its own peculiar species-specific wondrousness about it. Hawai'ian snow globes. Religious snow globes (complete with a plastic pope) (or the Virgin Mary, perhaps?). Acropolis snow globe. The Duomo snow globe. Big Ben snow globe. Oh man.

Obviously, as history hasn't (quite) ended yet – it may be possible to start such an aberration. Watch this space, fair Signs, watch this space.

So just watch it, you.