Saturday, December 31, 2011

Rubber boots and party pants

I have been the hermit of Helsinki for some years. It does me good, seriously - I have fully self-diagnosed hypomaniac tendencies and it's best to keep them under wraps, really it is.


I blame all this on Godot - you remember? He never came, the bastard - I knew he wouldn't, but I bloody waited for him. It took me until July to get back to sleep again. And ever since, well. The hypomania has been pronounced. And, as my mother (may the God of all agnostics bless her and keep her safe and well) has a cold and isn't going to party-party tonight, she has offered to dogsit the beautiful Ms Dogot (who, incidentally, is doing extremely well and is clearly a wonder dog-girl), whom I wouldn't leave alone to bravely bark at the bangies outside. This means I am going to an Igloo-land version of... wait for it... an Igloo-land version of a German Sparkle Party. The hostess has defined it as a "tamer version" of the German one. Warning! This video is dreadful.

I don't know about "tamer"; I might post some pictures to follow. But I will be wearing (pink) rubber boots* (with paisley patterns) and metallic-red party hot pants…
it might be a better idea not to.

Happy 2012. Things ridiculous and stupid are sometimes fun enough to keep the doctor away. May this happen to you all year.


LottieP said...

Happy 2012 to you xxx

Anna MR said...

Lottie - what a delight to see you. It's been a long time. How are you doing, my dear? Hope all things have been well for you - and yes, a very happy 2012 to you and yours, too.


Reading the Signs said...

If you ever get the hard-core version of this you will let us know, won't you? Look, I live on the un-sparkly Edge and need my dose of vicarious thrills. I also should keep an eye on what those Chermans are doing on the sly.

Party pants? I have my purples, what else!

Godot never comes, does he? I wish the notcomingness of him would have the same effect on me as it does on you. Hypomania is a bit fun while it lasts, no? And you can get things done. Except obviously not, in your case, blog posts. Speaking of which - I'm sure there was another blog post you recently put up that I commented on. And it seems to have disappeared! Either that or I am in serious trouble, hallucinating blog posts.

A belated heppy neues jahr, Schwes x

deviance definition said...

Blind leader of the blind

Gaelileo said...

Hei Anna
Belated Happy New Year to you.
Sparkle party looks, erm interesting. Nearly as interesting as the Rocky Horror screening we had here NYE. I think the guests at eiher would have felt quite at home. We had Three Frank n Furters, three Riff Raffs, one Columbia and at least a dozen Magentas. Plus a four year old in a nurse's out fit. There was certainly lots of sparkle, and I'm sure there must have been some wellies somewhere. There's evidence on Flickr

Intrigued by your tag "Uni stuff"?


Reading the Signs said...

I've come back here in the mood for a bit of rubber boots and sparkle, and what do I find? Gaelileo has been - Gaelileo? Hello. (I mean, really!) And while I'm at it, hello to LottiP also. And to Ms FomP, obviously, but that goes without saying, I mean I'm here, aren't I. Ok, must go and party now.

(WVL fwort, which is the F word in cherman, if I'm not mistaken. wtf?

Anna MR said...

Gaelileo - hei. Sorry that my reply is so very late - I blame the intriguing "Uni stuff", which I finally did have to get on with, sparkle party or no sparkle party (wrote me bachelor's). But yes, I believe we could have done a beam-me-sideways-type of a guest-swap between your RH do and our GSP shindig, without anyone missing a beat or looking out of place. Or indeed feeling out of place. This is a victory for a unified world, surely.

And Signs, hei and sorries also. Last few days have been a bit lacking in sparkle, hence the outrageous lateness of this reply. Fwort und Donnerwetter, Cherman swearing sounds more impressive than the actual contents of the words. Somehow this Cherman thing is following me about now, I'm cast in a play in multiple roles of which one is - shhh. Mustn't tell. But speaking Cherman does feature.


Anna MR said...


I do note I have left a guest - Mr/Ms Deviance Definition - totally without a hello. That's no good. Therefore hello, whoever you are - the site you point to gives not enough hints - and thank you for visiting. Am not entirely sure what you mean with "blind leader of the blind" - isn't it "blind leading the lame" - or possibly vice versa? - but I will humbly admit to all manner of blindness within my character (and also a myopia of -6 diopthers, which is really quite strong, albeit a long way from actual blindness). Perhaps I'm being overly sensitive here, but I wonder whether you implied a blindness to the totality of human suffering, as witnessed by our dressing up in silly wear and suchlike stuff? Because if you did, I can only simultaneously hang my head and admit my mea maxima culpa, as well as defiantly hold it high (my head, that is - not my maxima culpa) and claim that blatant silliness is one way of dealing with the unavoidability of human suffering.

So as you can see, I have managed to somehow both agree and disagree with something I think you might have meant, whilst admitting I've no idea what you did in fact mean. This requires some talent, I'm sure, although I'm not sure what sort of talent and whether it has any practical - or indeed other - applications.

Therefore, dear person (as long as you're not a robot), I wish you all the best and hope that you are having a nice day. Oh yes verily.