Saturday, May 14, 2011

This is for some excellent people I know, and for others whom I don't

Guys (yes, you know I mean you) - I'm sorry I forgot on the 12th. Selfishly busy going about my own life. May the day come soon when you can be similarly selfish…although I bet you wouldn't be.

Proud to be your friend, my life enriched enormously by knowing you. Thank you for you courage, wisdom, humour and sense of fun in the face of odds which would make many of us unbearable.


Reading the Signs said...

Thank you for putting this up, you all-round-lovely-person, Princeling and Trueheart (see Jack Kerouac, On the Road and some of the others, I think - course he doesn't give a definition as such, but hei, if you're a bona fide Trueheart then you sure as hell don't need a poxy definition. Am I right? You better believe it, Schwes!

Right. I was going to say something really quite inspired and possibly even intelligent here, but a four-x-ing seagull flew past and now it just gone. So you'll just have to imagine what it was I might have said. And also, while you're at it, imagine me dancing - because I would if I could, which is almost (though not actually) as good as doing it, and who knows what might
manifest. Imagine it in bright colours please.

You're a brick, you know. A brick and an angel. Angelbrick.

I don't believe this: winghas

Anna MR said...

Hmmm. That is a very interesting weevil indeed, Schwesterlein, with many potential and equally enticing interpretations (though slightly opposite in substance).

Brick has angel wing.
Angel has brick wing.

Well, at leat two interesting and enticing interpretations. I am pleased.

I think I may adopt Angelbrick Trueheart as one of my many (all equally necessary) alter egos. It's a goody. Thank you.

I am watching you dancing as we speak - and you are lighter than a feather, more brightly coloured than an orchid, spinning free and unbound like a certain plastic bag in a certain wind (the casual reader might not know what the fuck I'm on about and whether it's a compliment at all, but you and I know precisely that it is a very very fine thing to dance like indeed).

We've a crucial ice hockey match tonight. God help us all. I shouldn't talk about it at all, for it is sure to jinx it. But do think of My Obsessions in a supportive manner tonight, please Signs.


Reading the Signs said...

You are obsessed with ice hockey - jetzt auch noch, um gottes willen! Damitall, Angelbrick Truheart, one obsession at a time, innit - like serial monogamy, you know, meaning you can have as many as you like but just one at a time. Although, actually, ignore this. Trueheart Creatives have special license.

Ok, I'm beaming all manner of supportives atcha, as befits a polythene windbag (filled with holy spirit, dancing).

Anna MR said...

Signs - thank you. I'm sure and certain we couldn't have done it without your holy spirited polythene thought dance behind us. You could just see the Sacred Wind blow through those guys as they made our Beloved Arch Rivals say mam-ma. (No, please, six times. Mam-ma. Mam-ma. Mam-ma. Mam-ma. Mam-ma. Mam-ma. Like that. See?)

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.