Thursday, November 12, 2009

So who was late with the leaves thing, then? *

So another season's suddenly been and gone, and you're still wearing your yellow leaves when everyone else seems to be all sorted and prepared. What happened? Where does time go? How come everyone else seems to manage so much more in the same time frame? When one slaves and slaves and couldn't possibly be putting any more time into what one has to get done - one would like to, certainly, and would, too, if only it was possible for one to tamper with time's inner workings and give oneself, say, twenty-eight or even thirty-two hours where others have to make do with the usual twenty-four (one might even, under these conditions, find the time to sleep a bit more than four or five hours a night - which would feel like a total luxury and no mistake). Alas, one can't, and is consequently forever running huff-puff-huff-puff to catch up (keeping up being an attempt long since abandoned as impossible).

I bet the other trees are pointing and whispering behind their branches, you know.

* excuse the fuzzy - I took it with my mobile (yes, we have snow)


nmj said...

Am so glad you are blogging again.

Anna MR said...

Sweet pea, that is very lovely of you to say. Thank you, it is good to be back. Strange days.

Ruth said...

Hello. I'm happy to have made your acquaintance over at Montag's.

Now I've read two posts here and see how adorable you are.

Anna MR said...

Ruth, Ruth, Ruth. Hello. Totally charming to see you here - what a pleasant surprise. Hello and hei and welcome, and thank you for totally tickling my ego with the "adorable". I *liked* that. Very much.

Please feel always super welcome to come and read and chat and talk about anything at all that you might feel like chatting and talking about. Always. It's (I find) rather a friendly place (although sometimes things get very silly and childish), and I will eventually reply to everyone who comes (even some spamsters, from time to time). The "eventually" is italicised there, because alas, from time to time I fall off the planet and then it can take me a while. But I'll always get back to everyone. Oh yes.

Again - just so nice to see you here. Welcome.