Thursday, December 11, 2008

Too much of everything in the world

Today would have been a fairly brilliant day for those with an unquenchable interest in the weirdness of life and the world. A not-terribly-thorough look at three online news"papers" gives us such gems as

- an actor slicing his own throat onstage in Vienna - the prop knife turning out to be a brand-spanking new real one. The police are investigating the matter, whereas the actor goes back onstage the next night (let's hear it for actors, folks)

- a Chinese lady losing her hearing in one ear as kissing her boyfriend bursts her eardrum

- a Lebanese farmer announcing he's grown a sweet potato weighing over eleven kilos (that'd be about 25 pounds for you Imperial types) - see picture (copyright AFP shamelessly flogged) above

- and a Japanese toy factory announcing a set of Obama Family action figures (image owned by Getty)

All this coupled with yesterday's black hole revelations would really have made my day (and you must know that I'm incredibly tired, and when tired, tend to go into uncontrollable fits of laughter at the least provocation) but I also came across some totally unfunny news at beautiful NMJ's. And now I mostly feel like a shit for posting about the odd-quirky stuff.