Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Considering the relative situations of the laundry, the dog, and me

The laundry awaits hanging, the dog awaits walking, and I await some divine intervention which would set aright all the things which sorely need arighting. Of the three of us, I think - no, I know I have the longest awaiting period.


Divine Intervention said...

Thou presumest to anticipate the speed of My gracious intervention? Knowest thou not that laundry may await hanging until Kingdom come? On second thoughts, however, thou mayest be right - for even My divine place could do with a spot of (to use thy terminology) Christmas cleaning now and then. Wouldst oblige me?

Anna MR said...

Ah, dear Divine, Thou hast arriven, and not a moment too soon, if I may be so bold. I wouldst oblige Thee, yes, to be sure, and do Thine Christmas Cleaning, too, for the support of Thine Intervention.

And Thou hast it right - the laundry is still hanging. This may persist till Thine Kingdom come - it often does, in this household.