Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Although the leap second may yet ruin it for *everyone*

Okay, I'm going to have to be quick here, for I have firmly decided the future of life as we know it and *everything* depends on this post being posted before 2009. So, here goes, and excuse me if the sentences aren't formulated as well as they might, cetra. Too much is at stake, you know.

I wanted to come here and give you lovely things this New Year, given that I failed most miserably at giving you anything at *all* for Christmas. It might be argued, to be sure, that I shouldn't be giving you things which *I* consider lovely, instead asking you what you'd like, what you think would qualify as lovely things, but needs must as I have only twenty-three minutes of this dying year (and, as someone's aunt used to say, "geh, mit Gott, aber geh" - this to 2008, of course, not *you*).

So, the moon and Venus (I *think*) were doing funny things on the sky earlier tonight, look:

they drew love-hearts together. The fact that was and is freezing-froozing cold out there on my balcony, causing (even more) unsteadiness of the photographer's hand, may have something to do with it, but I still thought it was lovely. Here

is what they "really" looked like - still lovely. (I'm hoping v.fervently you'll agree.)

On Christmas Eve, I went looking for something lovely-Christmassy to post, song-wise, and as I've a secret weakness for boy soprano, I wanted it to be that. In my search for a boy soprano singing a Christmassy song of loveliness, I came across this

which, right enough, wasn't a Christmas song at all - it's a part of a Requiem, surely. So I didn't post it, in the end (the fact I fell asleep might have contributed to this, too). And thus there was no Christmas post, either. But the thought is what counts, right? Right, and boy soprano is so lovely a sound they could sing "Mum's Gone to Iceland" for all I care, I'd still weep with the pain of beauty (but it's better when they sing something like they do on the clip, I think.)

Eighteen minutes left. Okay, then I was very pleased indeed to find this piece of music, *finally*,

which I've been trying to track with methods that stretch the definition of "pathetic" and "ridiculous", making overseas friends listen to it on the radio (playing here at my house) to identify it (they *never* say what they play on radio, do they?), and humming a few bars over in one of my comment threads to anyone who'd care to listen/read. I feel gratified that it *is* indeed a Vivaldi, for I had a feeling it was, based most likely on the fact I'd managed to *once* hear them say it was so, rather than any huge knowledge of music.

Sixteen minutes. This piece here is the final scene from "Blue", a Kieslowski film which I really like and watched again a few days ago (it may have been Christmas Day, come to think of it). I find the music very beautiful, although it is "only" composed for the film. The lyrics, in Greek, are the Corinthians thingy about love (I couldn't find one which would have subtitles, which I am upset about, but you can follow them on the "more info" thing on the right margin if you want to). I *adore* the very end, the
"Love never dies
while the prophecies shall be done away
tongues shall be silenced
knowledge shall fade
Thus then shall linger only
faith, hope and love
but the greatest of these is love."

Tongues shall be silenced, knowledge shall fade, my friends, and thus shall linger only faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love, and with that thought in mind, and twelve minutes left, I wish you love and love only for the year about to be born.

(And please don't worry about the leap second - I'm sure we'll be fine.)


Reading the Signs said...

I'm pinching your label - mwah!


(Pie Jesu is one of my favourite things)

Reading the Signs said...

How are you enjoying the cig on the patio, mate?



Gael said...

Lovely links. I've a real weakness for the Faure, thanks for that.
Bon voyage and happy New Year

Anna MR said...

Well, dearest Signs, you are most welcome to pinch my labels (and I consider this quite generous, given that it is my love you are pinching, right enough) (right enough right enough right enough), given that I'm taking total advantage of your kindness in every other fashion (although of course, I would never dream of pinching your love - only your aunt's best quotes, that's all).

Glad you like Pie Jesu, though. The cig was lovely, mate, and I'll be coming to watch Rude Things on the Internet with you in two ticks.

Be seeing you, number Six.

Anna MR said...

Gael, hello, glad you enjoyed the Faure, and a very happy new year to you too. I need to go and entertain my hosts, now, hence the relative brevity of this reply, but hope to see you soon.

(You can take this as literally as you like, Gael - I am scarily close to you now, you know.)

(God, that sounds too stalky, I can't say that without mentioning I'm only being silly and joking, k? K. Hope you're having a most lovely Friday night.)

LottieP said...

The Pie Jesu is beautiful. It may not surprise you to hear that PE, though he may be embarrassed to be reminded of it, could as an adolescent sing as sweetly and beautifully as this.

Anna MR said...

Hei lovely Lottie, and a very happy new year. Yes, you're right - I'm not entirely surprised about this PE revelation, for I have seen him talk about his boy soprano career, somewhere, sometime. If, however, you have recordings, we'd be most interested in those, oh yes we would.

I have a feeling you've got back to Hong Kong safe and sound, and I'm very pleased about that. Are you okay, or still eaten by jetlag? The one and only time I've done a very long hawl flight eastwards it took me at least two weeks to get over the hideousness of it - not like tiredness at all, more like a palpitational "I'm-about-to-die" feeling. Horrible, and no mistake. Hope you cope with it way better than I.

Lovely seeing you. Sorry it's taken me a couple of days to get back.


LottieP said...

I did get back to HK, but then I went to Sydney. Jetlag affects me differently each time; sometimes you just have to thole it, sometimes it doesn't seem to be a problem.

As it happens, I think my mum has a tape recording of my class singing (I think it might have been recorded in Rosslyn Chapel), so it may be possible to render it in digital form and post it somewhere - with TPE's permission of course.

Anna MR said...

God, Lottie, you do hop around the planet. I'm knackered enough after a tiddly flight from Edinburgh to Gatwick. You have a global villager's stamina, I reckon.

Obviously, I would love to hear the song, if you get permission from His TPEness.

LottieP said...

Oh, it's not just one song, it's a whole panoply of songs, including Hear My Prayer and (I'm pretty sure) Pie Jesu. There's a recording we did at BBC Scotland, too, which contains a version of The Beatles song All My Loving as well as some lovely madrigals.

Anna MR said...

Well, Lottie, the more I hear of it the more wonderful it sounds, and the less likely it appears to me that TPE - or indeed anyone - would like their childhood things publicly exposed. I may be wrong of course, but that'd be my hunch.