Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This just in from our Wall Street correspondent


trousers said...

Hahah, everyone's a critic these days ;-)
No, I did have to smile when I saw that: though I'm sure there's no small amount of rage and anger informing it.

montag said...

Excellent photo.

Find some place in the country where I may emigrate to in the near by and by

Zhoen said...

A little harsh, but made me laugh aloud.

Still chuckling.

Anna MR said...

Dear all, hei. Sorry I'm a bit late in the replying business - I see with abject horror, dear young housut, that I've left you here for the entire (and gloomy) month of November, unreplied to. Glad you smiled at it, though (and pleased it made you laugh, Zhoen) - I was a little worried (after posting) that my sense of humour might be sicker than that of other people, and that the picture would upset rather than bring on a burst of laughter.

Montag - a place in the country for you? Where, here or there? The idea is excellent, though. I think about it almost daily myself.

Thank you all for visiting, and apologies, again, for the appallingness of the reply services. We'll try to improve upon this (we could hardly be any worse).