Saturday, June 28, 2008

To counteract the myriad single magpies,

we, meaning the dog and I, came across a patch of good luck, in the wasteland on a grassy verge.

She wanted to eat them, so we had to leave.


Navas said...

Lots of luck in your future then :-)
When Rebecca was small, she found one on the school field and brought it home. We pressed it and framed it. She had it in her room for years and years. I wonder what happened to it? Maybe it's still there, lurking in some undusted corner!

Anna MR said...

Hei Navas, that sounds like such a Rebecca thing to do - the pressing and the framing and in particular, the keeping.

I have a still photo of this on my flickr, so if you have time, you're welcome to go and find one. There are many in a single shot, it felt like quite an amazing find.

Good to see you, as always.

trousers said...

Amazing. I was so glad we got a glimpse of Dogot at the end, as well - I would have been disappointed if we didn't.

Anna MR said...

Oh housut - do not tempt me (hello, incidentally). I am obsessed by my beautiful dog girl and have hours of video footage of her doing things that are of precisely zilch interest to anyone (dogot sniffs, dogot runs, dogot paddles (can't get the dorky creature to swim), dogot sits, dogot rolls, dogot poos (yes, unfortunately), in snow, on the beach, on a lawn, cetra cetra cetra) except to myself, really.

So you - no, all of Blogoslavia - has you to blame if I lose my self-control and start posting them all.

However, it's a delight to see you. Go pick yourself one at flickr, too - even if Navas has had one, there's plenty to go round.

Reading the Signs said...

Ahem. (Long Pause)

The penny has now dropped. Yes indeedy, for so intent was I on finding magpies nestling among the green leaves that I did not see the actual luck that was staring at me. And this is my problem, Anna - can't see the four-leafed clovers because I'm looking for the wrong thing. I feel I have had an epiphanic encounter here.

Now heading over to Flickr to see more of the beautiful Dogot she-wolf.

Anna MR said...

Epiphanic encounters rule okay, Signs of no-leaved clovers. Glad you had one.

(Enjoy dogot. There's quite a lot of new ones of her over there...)

Mwahs galore, though, you silly thing.

trousers said...

ms ms, I may well indeed go and have a snuffle around on flickr, very soon. As for incurring the wrath of the whole of Blogoslavia then so be it - I have broad shoulders.

Besides, much of my own film footage, since I first purchased my digital camera last year, is that of cats. Not even my own cat, since I don't own one (as far as a cat can actually be owned) - friends' cats. Sitting looking at nothing in particular. Meowing. Stretching. Purring. Looking at a piece of string being dangled tantalisingly in front them and wearing an expression which says "don't patronise me," amd so on.

So it's likely that I will find at least some Dogot footage to be of interest x

trousers said...

ms mr, even. Scuse me.

Reading the Signs said...

or even Mr Ms. I mean, damn it all, are we not a community of bohemian artists here? A little gender-anarchy is almost de rigeur, my darlings.

trousers said...

signsy (see comment on previous thread below..), I feel the closest to bohemian artistry than I have in a while - for reasons that have been posted on my blog, and it feels quite alright: it's purely my pedantry that required me to correct something which may not necessarily have needed such.

Absinthe, anyone?

Reading the Signs said...

Trewsikins (ditto, but note slight variation) I am drinking white wine spritzers which cannot be disguised as anything other than aspiring petit bourgeouis lower-middle class. But it seems to do it for me. Going over to investigate.

I think they drink absinthe in Finland. Well, at any rate they have salty liquorice things with their vodka or something.

Anna MR said...

They drink everything in Finland, Signs. You should have gathered this by now (hello, by the way). There's a very erudite absinthe-drinking quote - maybe it is an Oscar Wilde? I'll try to remember it...something like this: one absinthe makes you see everything as you wished it were, two makes you see everything as it is not. Three makes you see everything as it really is - and it is truly terrifying.

Something like that, anyway. And housut (hello), yes please, I'll have that absinthe now. I used to be quite partial to them at one point - there's certainly an exciting Victorian drug-taking feel, shot through with a Baudelairean decadence (NB this blogsite does not endorse the taking of modern-day drugs, thank you), to the whole shebang with the spoon and the sugar cube and the fire and everything. Goooood shit, maaan.

Man, you two have been partying away in my absence. I like it, although I wouldn't have minded not missing the party, too. Please find under my name the drink Signsikins is referring to (I am in the process of finding out whether I can send you it, you know). Serve chilled to as cold as you can make it (straight from the freezer is good - it's too strong to freeze), in small shot glasses. Preferably down in one. Expect babbly drunkenness and a hideous hangover (possibly with black sick, if you're prone to throwing up).

What else? Yes yes, gender-anarchy rules okay, as does pedantry, and my dog. Hurrah. housut, you tempt me overmuch, sir. I'm certain to cave sooner or later and impose upon y'all a load of boring Dogot footage. When I do, I'll blame you loud and clear.

Going to go and find you loonies at the next thread.