Sunday, June 01, 2008

I wanted to pick you some lilies-of-the-valley, today


trousers said...

A prime example of your thoughtfulness ms mr: I spotted the new post above this one and will explore it soon enough, but I'm all read out for one day - so the fact that you've picked some lillies, and allowed me to comment without reading much, is a near-ideal state of affairs.

Lovely photo too x

Anna MR said...

Why thank you, housut. My posts can be a bit wordy, and I seem to veer towards over-long sentences. Glad that the lilies gave you a breather.

Reading the Signs said...

Somehow this seems to be the appropriate place to give you two bits of good news:
2) I have found salmiakki in, of all places, IKEA. Yesss! It almost makes it worthwhile to have spent a head-bangingly arduous day there. They are shaped like fish (I think you may have told me about them) and have that unmistakeable taste that I crave. Trouble is I only bought 2 packets and have already eaten the first one so I'll need to go again and buy up stocks.

2) Ms Far North is now on blogger, with a new name - As I Walked Out (as you'll spot on my sidebar), though she appears in my comments as Janis.

Haven't smelled Lily of the Valley for ever so long.

Anna MR said...

Hei Signs, sorry about the reply delay, it's been a bit youknow around these parts. However, I am totally delighted you've managed to locate a dealer, although I cringe at the thought of Swedish salmiakki (I know the fish shaped ones, yes - they come in every shape and size, offhand I could list fish, jigsaw pieces, letters, coins, spheres, bombs, skulls, cars, pellets, diamonds, cylinders, buttons... and some (the best, in my view) have a potent powder inside), and feel a twinge at the fact I haven't managed to get my act together to send you a bumper bag. Soon, soon, it must come to pass.

And thank you for informing me about Ms Far North. I shall try to go and visit her soon.

This spring it looked like it would be a super year for lily-of-the-valley - the leaves were coming up early and ample, as we had a heat wave in early May, but then the nights went terribly cold and although they have warmed up (in fact, in the middle of another heat wave now), it just doesn't rain at all - I don't remember when it last rained, certainly over a month ago, so there are hardly any blossoms on them at all. The world is going pear-shaped and no mistake.

Reading the Signs said...

I know about those times when things are a bit youknow. Wishing you a good weekend, with plenty of pfpppkuw to restore the soul - should it need restoring, I mean. Because soulwise, actually, you always seem exceedingly rich.

Anna MR said...

God, Signs, you have dipped your keyboard in the nectar of most exquisite praise today. Thank you, also for your understanding with regard to the youknow. The weekend is actually feeling much better than I expected it to (hoping furiously this reckless description doesn't swiftly make it all go pear-shaped).

Mwah, sees, as always.